Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Shock Waves into Uganda

Walked through the streets of Kampala today. Empty. Of cars, not people.

Yesterday, going to a hillside outside Kampala to watch the new year come in, we suddenly realised that all the petrol stations had hiked the prices. We searched around for a 'normal' price. Were frustrated.

Today in the morning, we realised the problem is that no fuel is coming in from Kenya.
I think they are our strongest trading partners. All trade is blocked. We rely on the refinery in Mombasa for fuel. So, some of the petrol stations had no fuel. Those which had had hiked their prices. Twice the usual.

And we do rely on diesel to generate power, and of course many goods come in through Kenya.

Yeah, we are going to have a stronger reaction, come tomorrow.

Yet all this pales in the significance of the slaughter and chaos that is still happening in Kenya.


writerh said...

Hi my ugandan brothers and sisters, I'm sorry to hear what's happened in my country has affected you too. What can I say - we are connected. I'm a gay Kenyan, so if interested check out my blog www.kenyanhomofatal.blogspot.com. I'm agnostic and what happened in that church to those helpless children proves my stand. God left the building EONS ago. All I have hope for is the human will and kindness. We will survive this.

gayuganda said...

Hi Joe,

Africa is resilient. I am not happy that what has happened elsewhere has invaded your nation.

Yet I also hope. We are Africans. We will survive.

For some reason, we always seem to get resiliency in the most difficult of times. Pray to your agnostic deities, and pray hard, even if you dont pray to any recognised gods.


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