Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Morning

The alarm, it rang at the usual time. I was in bed, curled up against him.

He pulled me closer, I did not resist. Felt his length warm against me. Felt content, at peace, calm.

His warm breath bathed my face, slow and sure, warm and comforting. His bed warm hands touched my skin, smooth- tingly, calm. I was a seed in warm earth, a life begun anew, this very morning.

I wanted to leave. He held me closer, tighter, skin to skin, not a word saying. I was calm, content, in his arms, holding him in my arms. My warmth was his warmth, his warmth was my warmth, and thus we slept on, through the alarm.

Later waking, he was still asleep, holding me close, closer. As close as possible.

Light was streaming, night was gone, the windows light though the curtains were closed.

I was late, but content, in his arms. Those warms arms, fragile strong with love, a heart that we share, a mind that may differ but entangled.

Now, I have left the bed, and greeted the morning. Cold it is, overcast today, grey, the sun hidden and a drizzle dusting. Those early to work hold umbrellas out, to greet the light drizzle. It is morning, and time to work.

May hope flow like a river, tendril of fire through the day. Love an anchor to hold on, peace a calm from the heart. Hold this day special, for it is special. You are alive, I am alive. I am in love, he is in love, with me.

Good morning.



the antipop said...

i am almost tearing up. such a beautiful ting lovbe love is. pitty i dont have love right now. hang on to it. new here
love the post

gayuganda said...

Thank you lady,

you are very welcome here


Anonymous said...

Do you write this to purposely annoy me? Yes, me who goes to bed alone and wakes up alone miserable?

I, the sad one, will not sign in with my name....

Hope you are well

gayuganda said...

No, sad one.

It is not to annoy you. Sometimes the feelings of joy are so potent, they translate into the writing.

Do not be sad. If you are alive, there is hope. One day, out there, you will be that happy.


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