Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dare To Hope

Because we dare not not hope.

The delay was caused by ... officials who were not happy about the seating arrangements.

the country is burning, day by day, hour by hour. And the leaders are in a tense standoff, to decide who sits where before they talk to each other.

...short speeches by Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga that did offer some hope.

Both men appealed for an end to the appalling violence that has threatened to tear Kenya apart, and both said they were committed to the talks process.

There was no point-scoring, no playing to the gallery.

Sometimes our priorities are skewed. Not only them, even mine. Just have to remember that we are human beings, liable to make mistakes. Sorry, indeed is a magic word, which has a healing capacity and magic, both to the person who has been wronged, and the one who has done the wrong.

Some things cannot be righted. But we can say that we are sorry, and pledge to move on.

Kenyans look up to you; do not let them down at this hour of need
Kofi Annan


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