Friday, January 4, 2008



Are you guys and gals ok?
I swear that what I am writing about is the truth, nothing but the truth, and only the whole truth. Yet it sounds like a fairy tale. Not the african ones, but the contemporary European ones.

I am in Dubai. UAE.

No, I did not come seeking asylum or 'kuba kyeyo' as Ugandans call economic refugees. I am in transit to another place.

But that is not all. I am in the First Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport.

I tell you I can almost not believe it.

I am weary and tired, after a very long day.
Started in Kampala, waking up early as usual, preparing to board the plane. Sorry, I did not tell you that I would be travelling, but you know, I have a healthy respect of my government, and I do not believe that they would stop at interrupting my travel plans! That is, if the likes of Nsaba Buturo came to know of them. I am an insignificant non-entity, far as I know, but some people's dislike of my sexuality makes me significant.

Anyway, I got this ticket. On it was the confirmation that it was the cheapest that could be got for my itinerary. And that means that I go to places that I am not supposed to, and wait for hours.

But someone, someone, did me the honour of handing me the first class boarding card, and inviting me to go to the First Class Lounge.

I am tired, and sleepy, and unable to sleep. I am sure when I read this I will be wondering who wrote it. But I am the one who is doing so. Me, gug.

Anyway, cannot even continue because my flight has been called. And I have to step out and go to the gate.

Of the lounge, I can only say, wow!



Anonymous said...

Bon voyage !

Gay Nairobi Man said...

It is a Classy lounge isnt it? Where the hell are you going?

Kitara said...

Yeah! Where are you off too?

gayuganda said...


as I write, I am miles and miles from Dubai. The modern globetrotter. A little suprise, I have written up some things which I am going to post. So wait a second....


Unknown said...

eh yo everyone!!

jus' popped in to say WAAZZZZZAAAA!!! It's been too long and I know y'all just missed my "hot air" on the site. heheeee!! :0)

oh ya and to you all: i also wanted to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ($#@!, i shud have said that last year) But seriously, i really wish all of you a Happy New Year -
may all your dreams become reality (the ones not conflicting with mine);
may you receive good health and prosperity;
good jobs (as long as they aint mine);
good cars (as long as they aint Jap-made - they are an eyesore);
may your teams win (as long as they don't play the All Blacks or the Cranes **Rugby Cranes - ok ok football too but i still maintain: RUGBY is the only true sport in the world);

but in all things 4 sho!! may you all succeed!! and may we all have a nice year 'shouting' at each other. and believe it or not: i think i've made some 'friends' off this thing. ok ok more like 'enemy-ish friends' but i wudnt trade them for the world coz ALL my friends are 'enemy-ish' anyway - in different fields - sports, the TV remote, best car, ... damn!!

So to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Ho HO HO HO!!

And before you begin ratting me on the 'Merry Christmas' part - i know it's gone but in my tiny village the two always go together. TABOO to separate them even after the 25th.

oh ya also, GUG, bring me back sth: KFC, kingsized Burger, the PS-3, the Nintendo Wii, a Mike Huckabee autograph, a Michael Jordan autograph, oh and of course Benny Hinn's too, hmmmm.... and EA Rugby 2008; oh ya and one of those Jet Li classics - digitally remastered. If the list is too heavy for your airline weight restrictions; you can drop the KFC but none of the rest. Tell them to call me. Oh a little advice - i hear Michael Jordan autos are dirt cheap in Abu Dhabi.

C u GUG and safe trip back. U carrying valuables!!

Eh yooooo!!! BigFoot - FeetXXXL; i'm back. Where did we stop? Or do i really want to wake up old haunting threads. Preferably not - it will never end.

gayuganda said...

Hi all,

still on my globetrotting journeys. See the updates to the moment.

Stanislaus, I must say it has been a bit quiet round here without you. Welcome back. And happy new year to you too.

The big one seems to have gone off with your holidays. But guess he will come back.


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