Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mexico City


Yeah, that was the final destination. I have been a globe trotter for the first few days of the year. Maybe will travel more, later in the year. More than likely, I will not travel.

I have admitted to myself that I much prefer the conforts of home, and the beauty of Kampala, to the variable advantages of being outside my country. I have always been a romantic, and unrealistic, as some people insist on telling me. But i find no reason to prefer Kampala´s hot sun to the ghost of sun that I have seen in Mexico City.

Ok, it is granted. I am no expert on Mexico, and Mexico city. It is true that I have spent most of my time closeted in a conference room. And then when I was out, I was sleeping, or feeling too tired.

I did have a chance to explore the night life. It is too famous for me to lose that chance. And I was realy suprised. I was suprised by the freedom that I saw in Accra, Ghana. In Mexico City, suffice it to say that it was too hot in the bar, and I had to leave to cool myself off. The rest is left to your imagination!

Yet the land of amigos is like a huge jewel that I have not had the chance but to look at. I want to touch it, I want to explore it, I want to feel its warmth.
Alas, I am here for too short a time. In a few hours, I hope to be on a plane away from the land of Amigos. Have not even bought myself a sombrero, just to boast that I have ever been to Mexico! Hopefully, if this life is not too short, I will come back.

If it is too short? I will become a spirit and wander all around and see that which I was not able to see. Maybe I will not feel it. But I will be able to touch it and feel its warmth like a glance through my then cold fingers.

Hope the New Year has been treating you well.

I think I will blog again when I am in my beautiful Kampala. So, Ciao!


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