Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Day has broken.

A new day is come. A daily occurrence, yet the newness of the day is like the newness of hope for us.

The dawn was bright. Not brilliant, but bright. I left my lovers warm arms to welcome the dawn. And listen to the birds sing, and heard the twits of some bats nearby.

I listened, and my heart was glad. I wrote a few things down. And thought about many that I could not write down.

The world is a beautiful shell, everyday. It is presented to us, for us to explore. Don’t know what will be in today. Don’t know where the day will end. I may embrace tears of happiness, the everlasting sleep of death, or the heights of achievement. I do not know. All I know is that I am alive today.

The bright dawn has yielded to a stormy, cloudy sky. And it is cooler than it was. A cool breeze that seems to have the sun interrupted.

I have piles of work to do. So I enter the house, and start on it. But before all that, I take a note to appreciate the beauty of the morning here.

Good morning


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