Thursday, January 31, 2008

January's Last Day

A day warm and close
the cloud cover close 'n thick
closing out the sun
filtering its rays dilute,
and holding the air still.
No wind. No rain.
only a gray, still, cloud curtain.

The car exhaust fumes
smogy precursor curtain
settles in the valleys and bottoms;
Kampala's rancid hovels clothed
in the usual mud 'n murk;
though, maybe, far;- in near future
there's promise of a cleansing rain
juicy, thick cloudburst rainstorm
scrubbing this air clean,
making it breathable, livable and fresh.

January's last day-
the year just begun, but a month old;
hope a bloom, a seed in the warm soil

(c) GayUganda 31 Jan 2008

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