Thursday, January 31, 2008

Side by Side

We are lying down, side by side
lazy and content, sleepy;
our blanket is love's duvet-
heavy light all around,
and the thread joining us
fine as light, true as steel-
is love round us.

He is lying in my arms;
I am lying in his arms
close, one to the other
wrapped in love, the blanket
that a shield is for us
against a purulent, hostile world.

Love that is so soft a comfort;
yet a shield of steel,
that my world and people condemn
but me and him sustains.
I love him, he loves me
and there's all in those words
the world to challenge, our right to love.


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Phoenix said...

This is beautiful...very! sometimes when i read things like this, i feel like throwing in the towel and going away in search for true love

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