Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kenyan Inspiration

Day Break

Again, a bright orange yellow dawn,

that’s suddenly extinguished.

When it was, it promised sun ‘n baking heat,

a day promised of sun, dry and sweaty, living.

But now it’s extinguished abrupt-

I know not the season, nor the day’s promised weather.

It may rain, hailstones and thunder-

solid grey cloud invading the now cloudless skies;

the sun may disperse the mists and cold

bake to a turn the earth in its yellow glare.

I hear Africa

I hear the moans of death,

women keening, children crying;

today, this morning-

are my ears plugged, hearing only wind?

why’s death with life mixed

in this beautiful African morning?

I hear a dirge, a keen, a wail

sound of Africa bereft,

some of her precious children.

Yet she’s eternal, is mother Africa;

yet the sun will rise, hot ‘n bright,

the moon will sail the skies, day ‘n night:

your children will be, and increase.

©GayUganda 02 Jan. 08

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