Saturday, June 28, 2008

Any Reason to Hope? Apparently Not

Letters | June 28, 2008

I have read the article about sodomy in schools and all that has been happening with gay people gatecrashing an HIV/Aids drugs conference. Most of the writers are not suggesting solutions to help homosexuals. They are just passing judgement on them.

We should avoid the same mistakes the West made by being homophobic and not providing solutions. Here in UK and the rest of the West when homosexuals were discovered they were shamed and sometimes killed. They decided to form groups and fight for their rights. Then the politicians used that as a weapon for their campaigns to get homosexuals to vote them into office.

Uganda can avoid ending up with a society like here in the UK and the Western World where hunting gays instead provided them with weapons to advance homosexuality.

The Churches in Uganda, especially the born-again ones like Kampala Pentecostal Churches, Baptist Churches, Deliverance Churches should train Christian counsellers who can work with homosexuals to help them understand that homosexuality is a sin and God Hates it. God does not hate a homosexual but the sin and it is only when people refuse to repent that they perish.

Homosexuality is like adultery or polygamy or any other sin for that matter. It is easy for the person living an adulterous life to justify it and make it look normal. So I petition the churches, Pastor Ssempa to quit judging gays and begin helping those lost souls, like Jesus Christ did.

There is a Catholic church in Poland which is helping homosexuals to abandon their lifestyle. The Born-Again Churches in Uganda should emulate the Polish Catholic church and put the Bible in practice.

After all, all of us who call ourselves born-again Christians were once lost in sin but through Jesus we were found. The Church is a place for healing, restoration and growth but not judgement.

But while I implore Born-Again Churches to rise up and do their job, I want to warn those who might twist my words towards claiming that they are Christians and homosexuals.

These Christian counsellors should work closely with schools to help not only homosexuals but all the students who need assistance through counselling and the whole society.

Olive Kagere


gayuganda said...

Thanks Olive,

for your sincerity. But you still know so little about me as a homosexual that I am convinced your sincere good wishes for my salvation would result in pain to me. And the pain I suffer from a well wisher has little difference from the hurt from one who wishes me evil.

spiralx said...

At least he's trying to put his Christianity into practice. Unlike the rest of them.

He *is* ignorant , both of homosexuality, and also "God" (if he thinks that "God" can actually 'hate' anything). But at least he's trying to set up a dialogue.

That's quite a start. By current Ugandan standards, anyway!

spiralx said...

Oops - my bad! "He" or "She" - apologies, Olive!

Princess said...

Olive's is an attitude I've found duplicated in several people while doing research for my article...
People are floored by the suggestion that homosexuality could be normal, so in trying to be fair, they react like Olive has.
What would you have her know that could change her mind anyway?

Princess said...
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gayuganda said...

Ha Sis.

You are persistent.

Let me ask, what changed your mind?

A few months ago, when you first came across this blog, I dont think your attitude was very different from Olive's.

Time flies, eh?

What has changed your mind sis? Is it something like discovering that me being gay does not mean that I am less of a human being?

Seriously, it is knowledge. Knowledge of who gay people are, rather than the stereotypes we pick up inevitably as we grow up. Just knowing that they exist, have problems, and eat and drink, as everyone else, that knowledge is enough to demystify us.

That is why, for those who come dripping abuse, I try to let them see me as a human being. Other than just a 'homosexual'. The truth is my very simple weapon. Its my best strategy. And I will use it, always, because nothing can beat it.

gayuganda said...

Hey sister,

had forgoten, but you may not like this. Knowledge of the part of science called 'Sexuality' is also part of it. But then, if I stress that, you have already threatened to run away from me, so, I will be silent on that, for now...

Princess said...

I think you ought to be vocal. :)
I'd rather hear about it from family anyway...:P

*Hmmm, what is it that you think my new attitude is anyway?

gayuganda said...

Your new attitude?

I will think of it when a Kimbowa next makes appearance here...

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