Monday, June 16, 2008

Because it is Home

Bolton asked a question which intrigued me. ‘Why would any rational, decent, humane, educated person want to STAY in Uganda?’

And my answer was, because it is home. Simplistic, yes. But it has the essence of truth in it. Literally I can, and most people can bear anything, because it is home. We can dare try change for the better that which we see as home, but not reject it.

But, you may argue, what of the fact that home rejected me? Kimbowa keeps quoting that there was a poll which showed 95% of Ugandans did not approve of my sexual orientation. So, why do I stay?

Again, a simplistic answer. Because it is home.

It is complex, the answer.

Home is not just the house that I grew up in. It is not where my mom stays, or my dad stays. Home is not only Mom, nor is it Dad. It cannot be my lover alone, though I am forcing that reality. It is not the siblings I grew up with, and those I did not.

Home is the clan. The people. The tribe.

Home is the whole extended family.

[Yes, citizen of the world, but I try to embrace that which I see as good, and reject those which I see as useless or harmless]

And those roots are very hard to remake.

It is possible. Many of my relatives have done exactly that. Not because they are gay, but because Africa is a rough reality for anyone in it. And I have been tempted to leave too. Richer pastures in the north, west. Good pay, light work, security, insurance, etc.

So, why do I stay?

Again, because it is home. Nothing like home, even if it is fractured and torn, by war and hate and other things.

Gosh, seems as if words will not form. But guess that is enough. Isn’t it?



DeTamble said...

I have no home. But I can understand what you say.

the antipop said...

shocking, shocking gug!!! no. not about this post. about the suggestions you left at detamble's. hmmmmmmmmmmm

DeTamble said...

And when they're born you shall name them DeTamble and Comrade and they shall behave just like the real DeTamble and Comrade and cause you no end of strife! So suck it up slut!

the antipop said...

gug, you are going to forgive me for using ur space as a battle front, but i have to fight this war. now, detamble, we shall not name our kids anything hideous like that. we are cultured, sophisticated and classy. here are the proposed names: Antipop1 and Antipop2 with gug's last name ofcourse.

DeTamble said...

Antipop1 and Antipop2? Well what about DeTamble and Comrade as middle names? How about as god parents? What about as occasional babysitters? What about if they both wear glasses, can the glasses then be called DeTamble and Comrade?

You can't call your kids Antipop1 and Antipop2, cause they'll just be known as 1 and 2 and then their names will be too similar to my children's names! Also, GUGs last name is Guggenheim.
Antipop1 and Antipop2 Guggenheim.

the antipop said...

fine. you win. i am done fighting. you are way stronger, er, smarter

DeTamble said...

So you going to call them the appropriate names? Huh? Huh? Huh? And they shall climb out of your womb and divide the world and destroy each other with one massive atomic fight!

spiralx said...

Atomic warfare - the spectre of which haunted the West for a couple of decades (I know a girl who had a nervous breakdown in her teens over it!).

A fading spectre, now - but in its place? Anti-West terrorism, which has given intolerant fascists everywhere an excuse to batten down their particular hatches. Guatanamo Bay. "Extraordinary rendition". Say no more.

The northern hemisphere is so awash with material goods that people's entire lives are built around it.

There are so many chemicals used in everyday life, or poured from industrial sites and motor vehicles that allergy diseases and obesity are becoming a real problem.

Why am I saying all this? Because gug was giving his reasons for "staying home".

And I am giving mine for why the grass is not that greener on the other side of the fence, anyway!

Princess said...

Antipop, DeT!
Those are all atrocious names!
Guggenheim 1 and 2???

@ GUG:Home can get a bit dreary, sometimes we have to 'sojourn.'
Beauty is that we can always return. :)

DeTamble said...

What's wrong with numerical names?! Why are you dissing my names! Don't you know that Comrade and I are going to get married (cause I got freaking threatened by Bro!) and we is going to have 17 children and name them numerically from 1 to 17, obviously. And they shall be trained to be Communist Rebels and they will one day come out from their various boarding schools en masse and storm Parliament and take over Uganda...It Will Be A Sweet Victory For Communists Everywhere!

gayuganda said...


you are very welcome to this battle space. These girls, sometimes they even feed me mud, on my own ...[Damned lil sisters!]

DeT, name them what? gosh, even Antipop knows naming is my manly privilege. They are my children, so I name them. Eh, how untraditional are you going to be? Want Kimbowa to hang me for something else?

But I kind of like the idea of numerical names. 1 to 30. Antipop, feeling up to that? I mean, you will be like the Queen Bee, just popping out one child after another. Will make sure we get some twins and triplets...

Guggenheim!!!! My foot!

deT lil sis, I am going to make sure Comrade lashes you to the marital bed to breed you! Er, forgive the very, very strong language. But seems that is what you understand... Imagine, entering the marital bed on your wedding day, and leaving years later, having been delivered of 17 children...
Problem is, you may like all that sex!

DeTamble said...

@Bro: What are you going to call the twins then Guggy? I'm going to be traditionally DeTamble. Kimbowa even so much as breathes on you and I will shove a huge, veined, purple dildo up his arse! If anyone gets to hang you it will be me and Princess, everyone else, HANDS OFF, HE IS OURS!

Guggenheim! :D

Lashes me to the martial bed? How did you know I like being tied up? I do like all that sex...But well, 17 children is a bit much, even 1 is a bit much. I was hoping to talk him around to adoption to build up the Rebel Troops.

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