Thursday, June 12, 2008

The fascination of Poetry

Just words?

They pour from the heart to the page;

They build in the mind and the wedge.

Pain they touch, when there’s pain;

Gain they touch, when there’s gain,

Yet are they words, words, just words,

That immortal in the minds do sing,

For me, to me, to others long gone.

A bird, on the wing.

A sparrow, in the grass,

A dog, on the hunt;

Rain, in the skies-

Wind, in the trees

All, all sing a song

The fascination of poetry.

All sing of works,

The elusive power poetry.

©GayUganda 12 June 2008


Anonymous said...


This has to do with a previous thread, but I wanted you to see it - formal scientific research which shows that most homophobes have a hidden homosexual attraction.

DeTamble said...

I'm sure David will like this Bolton :-D

Princess said...

What happened to you bringing a gay poem to the Poets' meet at National Theatre?

*Nice piece btw-

gayuganda said...

And lose my anonymity?

No way Princess!

Princess said...

A girl can always hope.

Anonymous said...

It was a poetry meeting, this poetry? Who'd risk reading this? Gayness can hide, bad poetry is soon outed.

gayuganda said...

ha ha Anon,

So Princess, you see, I could not come to the poetry meeting.

I am no poet!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Princess said...

Is that laughter even a tad genuine, GUG? Hmmm...
@ anon: It is poetry to me.And your single opinion that it is not cannot suffice to disabuse this piece of what beauty it has.

DeTamble said...

I think Anon is just jealous, because people like GUG. Whereas Anon is bitter and no one wants to be around him.

gayuganda said...

I love it when the girls defend me

[not so much when they are beating me up...]

gayuganda said...

Err, Princess,

it is genuine. The laughter.

Except that few people believe me, isnt it? Told you I like hiding in the light!

Princess said...

GUG, do you see that invite in your inbox?
Answer it now or else!

DeTamble said...

Answer it or mud will be the least of your worries! I'm coming to get you.

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