Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Uncertain anger.

I am under a bit of pressure. Three people are in police cells, partly because of me.

Well, we share a passion for our cause. We did something together. They were caught, I escaped the net.

And now they are scheduled to spend another night in prison
It is a nasty thing to be without ones personal freedom. For a few minutes we thought everything would be ok. That they would be released on police bond. A bit like an open prison thing, but without the need to sleep in jail. It was not to be.

Yes, I am not happy.

Kimbowa, that very nice upstanding Christian guy who insists that he does not hate me tried to console me. That they broke a law, so they should be punished. I know he wants me in prison for life, for the same reasons (My breaking a law), but I was irritated enough to strike out at him.

I am not sorry. There is a little satisfaction in showing a person his errors. Especially an avowed enemy.

But some who decided to pontificate on what I should and what I should not do in my struggle for gay rights. Well, they got a bit of the edge of my bitterness.

It is a tough world, where being what I am is something so bad that fellow human beings believe one below the status of humanity. Sorry if I offended you guys, but please, no more prescriptions to my life. I am already too stressed.

Another night in prison.

Despite Kimbowa, I don’t believe that my friends should be in prison.

I don’t believe that we did anything wrong, asking for the government to get out of the way in blocking our right to health in HIV prevention. I am gay, and puny as I am, I will do what I can to force my world to acknowledge that I am a human being. Worth of my self.

Another night in prison.

That is all I could think of, as I watched the guys faces fall. They have been interrogated a number of times, woken up at night for more interrogation. Apparently we beat security, and that is a major issue. But the fact that these nonsensical gay Ugandans can dare do something in the name of their right to be treated as human beings is something that has not been understood.

Another night in prison.

The names of the three are Pepe Onziema,Usaam Mukwaya, and Valentine Kalende.
Down into the annals of gay history. Maybe they will not be nameless martyrs.

Another night in prison.



spiralx said...

Amnesty Int. is on the job as we speak. BBC is running the story on their African news web-site. Magazines and new editors around the world are being contacted. For the moment, we simply wait and see what happens.

gayuganda said...

Yes Spiralx,

the outpouring of support has been amazing. Well, too many people saw the arrests being done.

Yes, all we have to do is wait and see.

DeTamble said...

Why do Christians feel the need to change people? Why can't they just let us 'sin' in peace?

They're so blinded by their religious propaganda. They don't even think for themselves, they is like little robots.

You know, Christians, at least Hitler knew he was evil.

Anonymous said...

Hey, detamble, lay off the anti-Christian crap! I'm a Christian clergyman -- and I work every bloody day for equality for gays! I work, I write, I march, I bear witness.

How would it sound to you if I said that Ugandans are brutal and cruel and hateful people? I mean, just read this stuff - right here on this blog - that Ugandans are doing -- proof that they are brutal, cruel and hateful people, right? WRONG!

SOME Ugandan leaders are those things -- SOME Ugandan police are those things -- maybe even SOME Ugandan judges are those things. But there are also great, wonderful, beautiful, loving Ugandans!

Just as there are great, wonderful, beautiful, loving Christians. Look at the gay Bishop Gene Robinson -- this guy has to wear bullet-proof vests when he conducts services. He lives with daily death-threats. He is going to England next month to bear gay witness to other bishops from around the world -- and he and his partner are going to get married this month before he leaves. Why? Because he may never come back alive!

You've got some rotten Ugandans in your country -- and some rotten Christians. But you've also got some wonderful Ugandans in your country, and there are wonderful Christians, too.

Don't paint us all with that tar brush! Some of us may be far away, but we're working as hard as we can for you....

gayuganda said...

Wow Bolton,

nice to know am not the only one on edge!

Made me smile this morning.

And you've made me feel less like throatling Kimbowa.

You know what, I like to keep an open mind, but when it gets like it is, and someone keeps chipping at me, and that person is a Christian, I do feel good when you stand up for a Christianity that is loving!

Love as I understand it, not as Kimbowa understands it.

Thanks Bolton.

I am amazed at the outpouring of good will from allover the world. I know the incident happened in a very open space, but the outpouring of concern from all over the world has been amazing.

thanks again to all you guys.

DeTamble said...

@Bolton: Point very much taken. Sorry, too. I was just annoyed at David and his 'I love you but you're a sinner and won't be allowed in heaven'.

And the fact that yesterday I was at my best friends house and this lady who lives there started screeching at me in Shona telling me I was going to go to hell for committing blah blah blah and waving a bible in my face.

But yes, like GUG said, thanks for standing up for Christianity, sometimes us non Christians get blinded by the few idiots who follow you around.

the antipop said...

i heard about it. i read about it even. one of them is a former colleague even. shame.

Anonymous said...

As as I speak, the Kenya Human Rights Commission is mobilising solidarity support from Kenyan civil society. I don't know how much impact they'll have, but they are making some noise about it.

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

To the extent that I have offended you, am sorry! I do not mean to offend anyone but some times truth has to be told as it is.
Am fully aware that Ugandan law allows people to demonstrate. Sorry, its a human right, inherent. But we are also aware that freedom of association has limits. I cannot bring a demo to your house, that would be trespass.
I wonder why many homosexuals think that people who tell the bad side of homosexuality hate them. A woman working with an international organisation was moving telling people about the benefits of promoting the family. But she was surprised when some people called that hate talk.
Whereas the life sentence that is provided for by the law may be a pretty harsh one, I do not think anyone has ever got that sentence in this country. And the authorities know most of you guys and where you stay.

The issue of homosexuals and HIV/AIDS policies.
I do believe that this country has ways of helping people who are at risk of getting AIDS and those who are already infected. And I do believe that no one should be excluded from that for being a homosexual. But I strongly believe that homosexuals have access to those services. I do not think that TASO asks one their orientation before caring for them. Even the issue of ARVs. If anyone is getting free drugs, I do not think that homosexuals are denied those drugs. And you do not have a tag on your forehead to indicate that you are a homosexual.

I have read that the Gambian president has called for the killing of homosexuals in his country. I have not been able to verify that though. I do not believe in homosexuality and i think we should have strong laws against it but killing is extreme.

I would not wish anyone death, not even Joseph Kony!!!!
But am very serious when I say that homosexuality IS BAD!!!!!!!!

If you practice homosexuality, that is bad enough. And why should you be so interested in everyone else being a homosexual?

spiralx said...

Davidm what is the "bad" side of homosexuality, pray tell? And in what respect does it differ from the "bad" side of heterosexuality?

I'll tell you one "bad" thing about certain heteros - "family values" being used to support bigotry and covertly fascist doctrines.

Used a lot in the States, by certain groups and individuals with a political agenda (not a religious one) in mind. And being promoted by them elsewhere, among the gullible.

I can accept that you believe homosexuality is "bad". I understand where your beliefs come from.

But I can't accept you not questioning those beliefs when they lead you or others to hatred and acceptance of abuse (not just physical, but emotional and mental). Surely that tells you that something's not quite right in your world?

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Everything about homosexuality is ugly and bad

Anonymous said...

david-nicholas kimbowa:

I would like to see a very large picture posted on the door of your house. It would be a picture of Jesus and there would be a gay man kneeling in front of him which his head on a block. And Jesus would have a scowl on his face, and in his hands a huge axe, raised, and ready to behead the dirty, ugly, filthy, sinful homosexual.

Is that what YOUR Jesus is like? Then I think you have confused him with Yahya Gammeh of Gamaba, with James Nsaba Buturo of Uganda, with Lech Kaczynski of Poland..... If that is YOUR Jesus, he has no relation whatsoever with the Jesus I have known for 75 years.

At my house, Jesus kneels beside the gay man, puts his arms around him as a father does his son, and blesses him with divine unqualified Love as his own child.

Sorry, I won't trade my Jesus of love for your Jesus of hate! And your Jesus doesn't have a chance against mine! You hatred will never overcome our love.

gayuganda said...

This homosexual here, on his knees before the Jesus of love, looks up into his face and cries 'AMEN'



spiralx said...

David, you sound like a child. I can't believe you're 26 and work in "technology" as your profile suggests.

You don't know (actually "know") anything about homosexuality - or homosexuals, do you? Admit it. At least be honest about your prejudice.

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Well, am 24 not 26 (will be 25 tomorrow) and surely am not a child.
Am glad someone has hinted at Jesus and claims to know and serve him.
I have always indicated that Jesus does not hate homosexuals so you should not claim that I serve a Jesus of hatred.
But we should also know that Jesus is holy and the bible says that "...homosexuals will never inherit the kingdon of God".
Mr Bolton, if you are a clergyman working with homosexuals and you keep telling them half truths, you are doing them a diservice. infact, you do not love them. Much as you can tell them how much Jesus loves them, it beats my understanding as to why you do not tell them that he hates homosexuality. He loves the sinner but hates the sin. Remember that God is holy.
It is not that I have a holier than thou attitude, it is simply that I have to be a good brother to everyone, be my brother's keeper and guide them to the kingdom of God.
Those so called clergymen who are "advocating for homosexual rights" are the real haters of homosexuals. They do not want them to get healed, but are instead making sure that the vice is promoted. One simple reason is because they themselves are homosexuals and are trying to justify what they are doing.
Finally, if anyone feels that they are attracted to the same sex, am not saying that takes them to hell. What does is what the person choses to do with the feelings. I have always said that when you feel like stealing, you do not have to go ahead and steal because you surely know that stealing is bad

spiralx said...

Ahhh.... happy 25th, David! But put at least one pink candle on the cake, yes? And remember to make a wish! (A truly compassionate one, not a Bible-thumping one!).

You're off again on your interpretation of your "Bible", though, aren't you! (I mean, off as in "not accurate", as well as off and runing!).

C'mon: give me the chapter -and-verse where it says "...homosexuals will never inherit the kingdom of God". No? Jesus never used the word, did he. Or where it says "Jesus hated homosexuals". No?

On the other hand, he did have quite a lot to say on hypocrisy and judging others rather than trying to help - the parable of the Good Samaritan; or taking on a tax-gatherer on as an apostle, no less!; having women in his little band; or Luke 6:37, just to name a few obvious examples.

I'll let bolton respond if he/she wishes, to your specific attack on him/her. (Your quite pathetic generalisation, that clergymen (or women) who support gay people are gay themselves, I just can't be bothered to even laugh at!).

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

I dont know what you mean by putting a pink candle on a birthday cake.
Anyway, you asked me the scripture that says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Here is the quote from the New International version.1corinthians 6:9 "Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals"

If you do not believe the NIV, am sure you will believe the original St James version which uses the word "effeminate" instead of homosexuals.

And do you need the reason and scripture reference as to why God destroyed sodom and gomorah? I will give you the reference if you ask for it.

And quote my word, i have not said that Jesus hated homosexuals as you are trying to indicate. He hates homosexuality and I believe the two words are different

gayuganda said...


interesting, Kimbowa.

You know why I put up that anonymous quote about love? That where love is one cannot hide it? Nor can it be shown where it is not?

It seems like a common sense saying. But is it?

The difference between you and Bolton is the fact that in Bolton I may see a Jesus of love. I can never be mistaken to see a Jesus of love in you. No. I see a soul brimful of hate and prejudice.

And it amazes me that you cannot see it in your mirror.

No, I am not intent on abusing you.

I only see condemnation for what I am from you. And sincerely, you expect me to accept your god? I would be a fool to do so. If you are a reflection of him, I would be a real fool.

Maybe if I was much less sure of what I am. There you would have a chance. Maybe!

As for Desmond Tutu being gay, well, I didnt know..., but I am glad he is. If you say so,


gayuganda said...


I had forgotten.

Light another pink candle, from me!!

Because, I do not find it in my heart to hate you, though you are a gay basher.

Err, I hope you know what pink means... Dont ask Ssempa.


Nicholas Kimbowa said...

i did not say that desmond tutu is a homosexual and if he were one, it would not be something to celebrate about. I would pray for his healing like am doing for you

gayuganda said...

Oh, Tutu is not a homosexual and there is nothing to celebrate about that?

Well, I know you hate me. And that everything about me is 'ugly and bad' as you said. So of course, there is nothing about me that you would like to celebrate.

Me, I am happy that Gene Robinson is a Bishop and gay. I am happy that Bolton is a clergyman and gay. I am happy that Tutu stands up in the Church against the haters and loves me.

Why should I be happy?

They show love for me. Love, acceptance. They do not want to change me from what I am. What they believe their god made me to be. They show love.


Hate. From every pore of you.

You do not know anything about me. You accuse me of the most vile things on earth. You think I am bad, and ugly, and evil, and you dare to come and tell me that.

So, I ask, why do you hate me? the only answer you can give is that your god once destroyed some cities. Well, I neither believe in your terrible god, nor would I like to!

Yours is a god of hate.

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

well am logging out to go and watch the opening match of the european football championships.

indeed everything about homosexuality is ugly and bad. But that is not to mean that everything about homosexuals is ugly and bad. I wonder why you quote most of my statements out of context.

I know you have some very good attributes and the potential to get out of what desmond tutu does not want you to get out.

You could be a talented footballer, and that would be good about you but it certainly cannot take away the dark side.

Why are you so happy with diplomats witnessing your "martyrdom"? You guys are so excited that "kenya human rights commission has been contacted", "human rights watch responding"??????
How dare you think that your fellow homosexuals can change the way of life of Ugandans? As a country, we have rejected homosexuality and those homosexual organisations like HRW have got to respect us.

Anonymous said...

No Mr Kimbowa, it is you and others like you who are blinded to reality. To make a sweeping statement that as a country, Ugandans have rejected homosexuality is pitifully simplistic and nonsensical.

Nobody is asking you to change your way of life. You are free to continue in your misinterpretation of the Bible. That is your problem. The Bible does not teach you to hate, and it does not tell you to discriminate against others whose lifestyle you find not to your liking.

And I cannot understand why you think that everbody must have to be a Christian and believe in your God. Why can you not grasp the fact that there are those for whom your God is just a myth?

Talking about "dark sides" It is your hate Mr Kimbowa that is the dark side of you. That is what you could learn from Desmond Tutu. You do not honour your God by hating others because they are different from you, or because you dont accept their lifestyle.

Even if you claim not to hate the "sinner" as you call gays, you have identified yourelf with those Ugandans in the ilk of Ssempa who do hate gays. Therefore the assumption must be that youre only sugar coating your words, when in reality what you feel is a deep hatred for homosexuals. Hate, my bro, if I remember correctly from sunday school, is not what your God stands for.

gayuganda said...

Hey Controversial,

very nicely put.

Kimbowa, over to you. I wonder what you will say to this...

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Hey, you wonder what I will say to this.
well I did not ask people what pink means and I havent known up to now.
I will not go proclaiming how I love you but I will do what I know is right.
The reason homosexuals like desmond tutu is because he does not tell them what is wrong. The reason you think I hate homosexuals is because I revoke the old Runyankore saying "okukunda niwe akuhana" (he who rebukes you is the one who loves you).
Desmond tutu is a huge disgrace to you guys. he does not want you to enjoy the real life.
Dr Ssempa does not hate homosexuals. He has always mentioned the fact that there are people in his church who are former homosexuals. I guess he would have chased them away if he hated them as I believe they could have gone to his church as homosexuals.
Am not assuming that everyone is a christian.
Let us use mere common sense. Strip naked and look at yourself in a mirror. Ask yourself the purpose of each of the body part you have. Is there any part that you are using for a wrong purpose. Am sure you will know how to determine which body part should be used for what. Look at the physical dangers of misusing any body part, say inserting food in the nose and not the mouth.
I hope you will not call this "hate talk", one of the commonest homosexual phrases

DeTamble said...

hehehehe :-D inserting food in your nose! So does that mean I shouldn't be snorting coke? Does that even count as a food?

Now this particular body part that you're talking about with the mirror gazing. Are you meaning anal sex? Is that the misuse you're talking about?

So is that all that's wrong with homosexuals, it's not that they're homosexuals, it's that they practise homosexuality. The actual sex act that's apparently not what the body is for?

gayuganda said...

Hi Kimbowa,

this is becoming hilarious!

Ok, I do like looking at my naked body in the mirror. But i like looking at my partner's better. Because it is so nice.

But that is besides the point. Have you ever had sex? Oh, I know I am being crude. But I have heard a lot of times that Ssempa preaches against sex and masturbation and things like that. [things which I must confess to loving a lot!]
Because they are full of pleasure.

Ok, if you have ever had sex, how is the abstaining that you are doing? Are you a virgin at 25 now? A secondary virgin?

Ssempa hates homosexuals. He wants them to get HIV. He wants them to be imprisoned for life.

And you, you also hate homosexuals. I think you intimated that you believe that your god will destroy Uganda like Sodom and Gomorrah because of my sexuality. I was a bit incredulous about that assertion, till I remembered that love does not seek a reason to love. It is hate which always wants to justify itself.


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