Friday, June 6, 2008

Out of Jail, Out on Bail

The 3 Ugandan LGBT activists that were arrested at the HIV Implementers' Meeting in Kampala on the 4th of June 2008, have been released on bail this morning.

The charges against them HAVE NOT BEEN DROPPED.

They have been charged with Criminal Tresspass, under Section 302 of the UgandaPenal Code.

All have pleaded "not guilty" and were released on a bail of 500, 000 UGX (310 USD),not in cash.

The case was adjourned to the 20th of June 2008.

NOTE: The charges against the 3 activists HAVE NOT YET BEEN DROPPED. Please continue contacting the Ugandan Authorities to request them to drop all charges against the activists:

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)


Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Now you know that they were arrested for trespass. and they have cited the law. It is not because they are homosexuals.
But you guys have made it a very big thing in order to attract sympathy from foreign countries and homosexual organisations

spiralx said...

David, I'll leave it to gug who was there to comment in more detail.

If you don't think sexual orientation is a big thing, I'm a little surprised, but pleased. Please go now, and tell that to the likes of Ssempa, and anyone else you can find there who will listen. Yes?

gayuganda said...

Hi Kimbowa,

of course they were arrested for trespass.

Remember when Kizza Besigye was charged with rape when he was challenging the president in an election? The charge was rape, not the audacity to challenge the president!

And, our Penal Code could be scoured for something to charge us for what we did, and though we admit that we are gay, you would not be able to imprison it because of that.

I am realy glad they are out. And I will do my best to see that those charges are dropped. What they did was more important than the spurious charges that have been used to keep them in check.

Of course I am biased. I am gay, and a gay Ugandan!

Anonymous said...

gug, since you have admitted to being an accomplice, or should I say you aided and abetted the "trespass", lets hope those charges are dropped, becos we dont want to lose you and this blog, even if only for 48 hours (smile).

gayuganda said...

Oh gosh,

I have admitted that, havent I?

Me and my big mouth!!!!!!

Anyway, I was too prominent a part of the organisation. You know, going out to the front holding this placard. Couldnt believe it when they were saying only 3 people entered! Needed only one person with a camera and my mug would be on display. Bye bye my anonymity!!!!!!!

Anyway, I saw a few flashes of cameras. But none has disturbed my sleep these couple of days.

The heat and embarassment (egg on their collective faces) may mean that I may be free, at least for the immediate future!


Anonymous said...

The government of Uganda is facing the heat of the battlefront to a greater degree than most other African governments. So on this basis, they feel they owe a duty to their fellow governments to stand their ground and maintain their uncompromising stance. If they fall, the rest will come crashing down with them, and the floodgate of gay rights will be flung wide open all over the continent.

In this sense I cant blame them, but it just makes the task at hand that much harder to accomplish.

gayuganda said...


I am not in the mood to pity them. Not at all.

Kenya has a vibrant HIV programme. I was amazed to find. They are researching and preventing and treating. I felt more 'normal' in Kenya than when I am at home in Uganda.

But to be so stigmatized in Uganda!

The fact that all Ugandans except gay Ugandans were apparently deserving of an HIV programme has incesed me for a long time. Nobody deserves HIV, and I will not say that of myself. Not at all!

DeTamble said...

WHAT? We almost figured out who you were?!?! God fuck it! You glasses wearing Hippo! I would have paid good money for a shot of you! :P

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