Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Return to Normal

The excitement of the last week is gone down.

Feels funny, without what seemed to be a regular infusion of adrenaline. But it wore me out, the worry, and the uncertainty, and the need to be alert.

But it is gone, and we are fine. At least we hope we are fine.

A rumour.

We have been declared an embarrassment to the country. A security risk.

Just one of those rumours which are persistent. So unbelievably embarrassing that it makes me laugh!

Oh well.

Meanwhile, I can concentrate on my domestics. Seems as if I have spent too much time occupied elsewhere. Need to work on work, and the money in the bank, and etc. Nice mundane jobs, day to day occupations. A little suprising that the world is still turning, at the usual pace.

Poems. Yes, to read some more poetry. Write a bit. Immerse myself in it again. It’s a pleasure that I have missed.

Police harassment has to have a ‘legal’ basis.[ So, whereas the opposition politicians, for holding an ‘illegal’ rally, after the Constitutional court strikes down that law as unconstitutional can be arrested for ‘threatening violence’ the state has the whole penal code to choose from], the guy, one of the three who was arrested Saturday on charge of forging the Conference card, the charge disappeared into thin air. So, still hanging over our heads are those of ‘criminal trespass’, and a one year prison term. Prison in Uganda is not a good thing. And the guys and gal are still vulnerable, not yet over the ordeal, despite the brave faces.

How can we use the apparent opportunity? Depends on what change of mind the government has had. And incredibly, Ssempa has not demonstrated again. Nor have we heard from Nsaba Buturo. Though last night on WBS there was this program about the schism in the Anglican Communion. The laity doesn’t seem all that excited. But the clergy is, certainly.



WhozHe said...

My prayers are with you. i hope returning to writing your poems will bring you some peace during this trying time.

gayuganda said...

thanks WhozHe,

Poems. Dunno if I would have been able to confess this a year ago. They make me calm. They just do.

DeTamble said...

What's this? Domestics? I hope you don't also mean cleaning. The Lord GUG Our Saviour can't be seen cleaning. It ain't cool.

gayuganda said...


when deT is back in full force, I know things are really back to normal!

DeTamble said...

:D I think I'm about to get kicked out of Uni! Oh shit. Perhaps I ought to have spent less time at work and more time studying.

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

What do you want Dr Ssempa to demonstrate against?
Let me ask a simple question. Does anyone believe in having laws? If we had a referundum on whether we should abolish all laws (and prison sentences, of course), would your vote be in favour of the abolition?

Kenyanchick said...

I find it interesting that in your country - and mine - being in a consensual gay relationship is considered an "embarrassment," but beating your wife,circumcising your 9 year-old daughter and then marrying her off to a 75 year-old are considered "tradition."

No Pastors come out to demonstrate against those things, there are no thundering denunciations from the pulpit and people frothing at the mouth demanding action. Isn't that something?

gayuganda said...


too true! But I have to leave Kimbowa to answer that question.

Er, Kimbowa?
I am a bit puzzled by your question. Laws? Yu seem to believe in only the laws that oppress me. You want them upheld. Is it because you hate me and they will hurt me?

If you believe in laws, why dont you believe in the law of love? Afterall, it is your gods law. Why do you hate?

Or is it the convenient laws you believe in? The ones which are to hurt sinful homosexuals?


(PS, and of course, the law which used to bar inter-racial marriage was a law, until it was struck down in the US, or didnt you know that?)

WhozHe said...

Is it possible that Kimbowa like so many here in teh states fear homosexuality because of his own same sex deisres that he fights so hard to deny. A confident heterosexual is not bothered by the homosexual.

gayuganda said...


a question I am doubtful of Ssempa. A confident heterosexual is no bothered by a homosexual. Ssempa has a history of campaigning so long that he is confidently called an anti-gay campaigner.

Kimbowa says Ssempa mentions in his church that there are former homosexuals in the church.

Why has Ssempa, of all sins, singled out homosexuality to crusade against?
Why does Kimbowa take his crusade this far?

A confident heterosexual is not threatened by a homosexual.
Is that the heart of the matter?

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

I am not a homosexual and never will I be. I am bothered not only by homosexuality but also by whatever I know is wrong. I have taken it as a responsibility to counter the lies that you guys tell the international community.
Dr ssempa is a happily married man so I find it ironical for you to link him to homoseuality.
But I know it is a plot to make us silent but we shall not relent

DeTamble said...

Plots? Wh00t!! Here come the Conspiracy Theories! If only 27th was here, he could have told us some really good ones involving all the World's political parties. But no! He had to pick this particular time to be completely broke and unemployed. *sigh*

gayuganda said...

Yes Kimbowa,

I would have chosen another way to tell you this, but unfortunately, it is true that we homosexuals have been persecuted more by those people who are repressed homosexuals than those who are not.

It is a matter of fact. A fact of life.

And do you notice how you run away from any hard facts which people present to you?

Of course you love me, you do not hate me. But you want me in jail for making love to my lover.
Of course Ssempa loves homosexuals. But he doesnt want them to know about HIV prevention. It is better they get HIV than that they know it can be prevented.

Of course homosexuality is bad and evil. That is why you and Ssempa have taken it upon yourself to crusade against this evil. This sin above all sins.

The link that Bolton shows, I am going to put it up. As a post. I think it is interesting!


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