Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Vision Editorial

I felt so insulted by this editorial that I would like to burn the writer at the stake. But I have an inkling it is someone very high up in the Govt!!!!!

Just a thought! Though I respect the New Vision enough to know when someone is forcing their prejudice onto them. Well, it is the government mouthpiece.

But I bet David-Nicholas Kimbowa loves it! Hi Kimbowa, small question, ever had the joys of sex? Only a proffessional abstainer would give this kind of advice. Sex is too lovely a joy to punish myself with 'abstinence'!!! But that is me!

A tip for gays

ON Wednesday, gay activists were arrested over bursting into an HIV/AIDS meeting at Imperial Hotel Royale in Kampala.

Carrying placards pleading to participants to consider gays in the planning and prevention of the HIV/AIDS, it is reassuring that they too are aware of the pandemic.

Earlier Dr. Kihumuro Apuuli, the Director of Uganda Aids Commission, had called for the inclusion of gays in designing anti-HIV/AIDS strategies during the same forum.

The right of expression is guaranteed but its not absolute. It does not provide for legally proscribed groups and activities.

Whatever the arguments and concern, including human rights considerations, homosexuality is illegal. This curtails any programme for those with orientations against the course of nature.

Besides its not only in the law books, but the Uganda cultures abhor it too. It might be argued as sad, but the stark reality is there is no room for gays at the moment in Uganda. It will require a change of laws, cultures and customs for space to be created for them, which is impossible.

But it is not the end of the world for the gays. They have one, and very effective protection against catching HIV/AIDS and stress of the unnatural activities. Abstinence is the answer. They should try it out. It is free, cheap and about personal life.

It is healthy too. The heterosexuals may have three options abstinence, being faithful and using condoms’ the ABC strategy. But it may not be a good thing to have many options. One, like abstinence, works better for the gays.

Published on: Saturday, 7th June, 2008


Anonymous said...

"Earlier Dr. Kihumuro Apuuli, the Director of Uganda Aids Commission, had called for the inclusion of gays in designing anti-HIV/AIDS strategies during the same forum."

Gug, could you please clarify the position regarding the above comment in this editorial, vis-a-vis the following:

"On 2nd June, 2008 the Director General of Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC), was widely quoted by international media saying "Gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because of meagre resources we cannot direct our programmes at them at this time.""
(Gayuganda, Press Release June 4 2008).

Anonymous said...

That is total bull-crap. I love how the people advocating 'morality' then turn around and sleep with 6 different women and argue that this is cultural and traditionally ' our forefathers were polygamous'.

Pray tell me how advocating abstinence will help the people ( gay or straight) already living with HIV?

Seriously people are we living in the 21st century?

Princess said...

I'm with controversial on asking you to clarify those two statements...

spiralx said...

Apuuli has said that he will meet with the gay faction "later", apparently. Wondering if he means it, but maybe that's the time to ask him about this?

spiralx said...

Additionally - as far as I know - gay action groups are nowhere legally proscribed in Africa (though that awful dump Nigeria is having a go); and can we please get rid of the nonsense about homosexuality being illegal.

Homosexual *acts* (of various sorts) may be; but homosexuality itself is like being black; or having a gender. It's a condition of nature which you can use or misuse as you prefer, exactly the same as heterosexuality.

gayuganda said...

Hi Controversial, Princess, I will have a go at clarifying the two statements.

On Monday, Apuuli made the statement. It was widely reported by Reuters and was also in Monitor in Uganda. Monitor is an independent newspaper. A daily.

On Tuesday, we planned our demo.

On Wed Morning, we 'stormed' the conference. Early morning, with our press release. Have put it in the blog as we put it. Of course we attacked the statement directly.
3 of our people were arrested, and the international outcry started.

On Thurs morning, the New Vision came out with the slightly different version of what Apuuli had said.

Now, I only have to note that the New Vision is government owned and controlled. And it is a daily. Do I have to give an interpretation of these facts?

Apuuli has declined to meet us many times. I will take him up on his supposed olive brand!


Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Am not commenting on the issue of Apuuli and the funds but your comments on my support for abstinence. Some of you wondered how people can abstain in the 21st century. My simple answer to you is that it is hard but very very possible. And you say that you enjoy sex and masturbation very much.

You guys have got to realise that every good thing comes with a price to pay.

You have got to realise that you are a human being and you cannot therefore behave like an animal that goes mounting every female it finds (AND THEY MOUNT FEMALES ONLY, NOT MALES).

You have got to know that much as sex is very good (and i say it is very good), it must be had in its proper confines of a marriage between a woman and a man.

Not every unmarried christian is a virgin but one can decide to make a choice for behavioural change. And many of us have made the choice.

You are even proud of masturbating. oh how selfish! That is sex with yourself. And you are proud of having sex with yourself?

You can get out of the crowd!!!!

gayuganda said...

Oh Damn Kimbowa,

you are hilarious. Simply hilarious!!!!!!

Ok, now here I was always wondering about the fact that in the Catholic church a bunch of old celibate men are the ones who tend to tell the others what they should do during sex.

but you!

Hey dude, let me show you how bad and hateful I am.[ wow, I must be, in your book!]

Once i gave up 'abstaining', I have never realy looked back. Now, I have been living with another guy (yes, a man, and we do have sex. Homosexual sex) for 7 beautiful years. I love him. He loves me. Being Ugandan, we kind of have to live in a closet, but I know he loves me.

And the SEX!!!!

Have just had a session. And it was fantastic.

Ok, now, back to your assertions.

Sex can only be bad for a person whose mind has been brainwashed. For constraining it within 'marriage' alone, I would not join your brand of Christianity... but that is another thing.

You are simply, beautifully, hilarious! You are something, Kimbowa, something else.

Oh yes, I do love masturbating. Sometimes I masturbate with my partner. And I will not tell you the rest of the beautiful things that we do together [am a little shy, you see].

Ugh, Kimbowa, you are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Kimbowa typifies the average unenlightened adversary that we have to contend with. Quite annoying really, considering how shallow and hollow their arguments often are...

Back to the issue of Dr Apuuli's comments... May we then interprete the subsequent NV report suggesting that Apuuli had called for the inclusion of gays in designing anti-HIV strategies, as a sign that the Uganda authorities are in the process of capitulation in the face of overwhelming international opposition? Or am I being too optimistic and this is just a smokescreen until the conference delegates have all departed and the dust settles? Somehow, I want to be optimistic...

Anonymous said...

My two cents...I can't even begin to speak for the Ugandan govt (Lol) or about the Ugandan situation...but a similar situation exists in Kenya. Gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM) have now been included in the govt. HIV?AIDS programmes although to the best of my knowledge, this is mostly run through a few govt. recognised NGO's. Thus it is recognised only as a public health concern.

However homosexual sex is STILL illegal in Kenya although some of my friends argue that it's slowly becoming decriminalised through the recognition of same-sex encounters, albeit through anti-Aids programmes.

I beg to differ, as to me the only way to decriminalise it is through a repeal of the Penal Code provisions.

Perhaps the Uganda govt. run Public Health Sector is slowly adopting this??

Anonymous said...

The Penal Code is criminal law, and it is relevant only for the purpose of criminal prosecutions. If fact, one has cause to doubt its relevance because it is hardly ever invoked in court, and as far as I am aware, only very few prosecutions under this law have ever happened, and even fewer have been successful. Basically, its a law thats almost always going to be difficult to enforce anyway. It has no bearing whatsoever on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Repealing the law simpliciter will not automatically bring about the inclusion of MSM's in HIV prevention. What we're talking about here is a matter of attitudes. Its obvious that the attitude in Kenya is less hardline than in Uganda, and this is why despite the law, MSM's can still be recognised. Its common sense really, and one wonders why Uganda cant see this.

Still, my view is that as a result of the actions of gay activists, this issue is at the forefront of the news. Which is more than can be said for most other countries in Africa, where morons who call them leaders are still making idiotic threats to cut off the heads of homosexuals.

gayuganda said...

Apuuli put his foot into his mouth. For a guy in charge of a country's HIV epidemic, the statement was a blunder. A huge blunder.

We just tried to shove the foot deeper into his mouth, and the govt's throat. It choked them.

As for the law, let me tell you of what happened over the weekend. One of the 3 was re-arrested. And charged, with forgery. The conference organisers were not happy. And they went to the police station, with evidence that they had allowed the guy to attend.

Oh, says one lady police officer. We arrested him because he is a homosexual. The lady told the representative blandly.

But then, why is the charge forgery? That is what is written here, says the representative, waving the charge sheet.

I know what is written there. Says the officer, smiling. But I also know why he was arrested.

The official from the conference was not impressed, and insisted on having the guy released immediately. He was, after some more time wasted taking 'statements'

So, the govt is backpeddling, in a way. But the Sunday Vision editorial, and the actions of the police, waiting at the conference to re-arrest the activists, and charge them spuriously with 'forgery' leaves me wondering who is backtracking and who is not!

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

This country is run by Ugandans- me and you.
It is not run by the foreign organizations that you are running to every time you say "pressure from the international community" blah blah blah.
And you are all aware of the survey carried out by stead man group in which Ugandans vehemently rejected homosexuality (95% of the respondents). Let us live in peace, marry and have children. We do not want to have a generation that does not reproduce. I highly welcome you to join the club that helped me and you to be born and have life

spiralx said...

Dear David: that "foreign community" you affect to despise so much has also demonstrated that - globally - every culture or nation has approximately a 7-9% sexual minority which we summarise as "LGBT".

So you are VERY unlikely - ever! - to have a generation that cannot reproduce! ANYwhere in the world!

As for behaving like animals, you will also (I am sure) know and be concerned that it is the 91-93% male population, esp. in Africa, who increasingly use rape as a weapon of war.

Ugandans need facts, not your kind of small-minded propaganda. Gay folk aren't a threat to anyone, except perhaps themselves in the area of HIV. And for that we need - yes!, education!

Which leads us back neatly to Apuuli and funding, doesn't it!

gayuganda said...


you are foaming at the mouth with hate. You cannot even take the chance to explain to me the reason for your hate.

You call me your brother, and that you love me. In the same breath you tell me that you want me to suffer the ultimate penalty of life in prison for making love with my lover. You inform me that I should go to prison for 1 year for 'criminal trespass', when I demand of 'our' government knowledge about HIV prevention.

Now, your mindless hate is actually amusing. But there is a point when it becomes too much. Please stop abusing other people here. You can abuse me, and only me on this blog.

People who have shown me love that you profess but refuse to show, they are my guests here. And I protect them. I resent it if you are discourteous to them.

So, you are here by invitation. You can abuse me, you can throw your hate at me, you can rail at me as much as you want. But those who are my guests and are here to discuss, you respect them. You do not start telling them that they are foreigners. You my supposed brother wants to kill me. You will understand me if I would rather have your love-hate at arms length. But for them here, they are my guests.

Oh, you will ask yourself what I can do.

I can embarass you very badly. Something which I would not like to do.

I accept the fact that you have an irrational hate for what I am. Big deal. Many people hate me, as you pointed to the 95%. You can throw that hate at me. I do not mind.

But I mind when you start throwing it at visitors to this blog.


Anonymous said...

It is stupefying to imagine that a paper that issued this editorial is the same issuing today’s editorial. Same paper, same issue, 2 days later, diametrically opposite positions. Absolutely no reference to the previous position. This is bipolar disorder in the newsroom! God save the pearl of Africa! On a lighter note, may be the editor really thought gug might actually carry through with the threat of burning him/her on the stake hence the flip-flop. You might want to assure him/her that those are not our methods.

gayuganda said...


that editorial does deserve a post, doesnt it?

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