Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Wednesday

Low mood.

For some reason, the brilliant sunny weather is not translating into cheer in my mind. A little down this week, I must admit. Not weekend blues, nor Monday morning blues, since they are extending late in the week.

But I am not worried. Same old, same old.

We all tend to be up and high sometimes, low and difficult others. Noticed I was snapping at my partner. He gave me the look, like, hell dude, what is over you these days? Made me remember that I am off the poetry; not reading it as much. Is one of those things which have an inevitable lift for me.

And of course writing.

Gets a bit funny, when I am able to find so many things from the net, on my ‘usual’ subjects. But I also love writing, for writings sake.

There’s a friend, if I dare call him so. Put up a post which alarmed me.

I wrote asking what the problem was, daring to demand he gets attention! Presumptuous of me, but he didn’t take it bad. Told me that to him, writing is therapy. A way of relieving tension, exploring that which is in ones mind. A way of insight.

That, that I have been missing too.

The posts on gay topics on Uganda in and out do consume me, but they are not the whole of me. So, I write of poetry, just for the sake of it. I may not be good, and I do not plan to take lessons in it (sorry Eshuneutics!), but one thing I plan to do, and that is to use it to express the things that this life of mine stumbles across.

I am no genius, nor will I claim to be. But I will be happy in the few things that I can do to my total satisfaction.

The weather has changed here.

No more rain, or at least so little of it that it seems as if it is not raining.

Wind, turbulent, whipping back and forth. That seems to be the predominant theme. The grass is as green as ever, not burnt out. The trees are as leafy as ever. Beautiful Uganda. Beautiful Kampala. It still has the ability to make my soul sing.

Sometimes I forget that this country is not just Kampala. Seems to be such a focus of everything happening here!

But it is not. The north of the country is vastly different. I have taken time without returning there, but I cannot forget the expanse of sky, and land, and the undulating almost flat surface. And I, born and raised in Kampala, the change in the seasons was marked. Striking. It is green during the wet, and brown during the dry seasons. Not like Kampala. Green and green, with the red brown dust a blip in the year’s seasons.

It seems I was mistaken. Gafcon has not resulted into a schism. Nor will it result in a schism. Maybe, or in part, because the Australians seem to have emerged the power brokers, instead of the Africans. I have liked this analysis from the Independent.

Bolton was surprised that I continue posting about it. Simple. The religions in Uganda are too influential. Especially in Uganda. Despite what the Archbishop Orombi says, they can, and do influence what the government does. And if they were to come out and embrace us homosexuals in Uganda, the homophobia would be muted. But at the moment, they are the leaders of the homophobia campaign. They seem to have more at stake in our demonisation than in loving us. So, of course they will say they cannot improve the homo-hate and homo bash situation.

But know what is good?

If they don’t split, and that seems to be what is going to occur, then the westerners will continue influencing them. And calling them out on the frank homophobia, which is hate, after all! So, maybe something good is coming out of Gafcon.

Yet, something strikes me. I do not know Akinola. But something tells me the guy wants a schism. And he wants to be the head, the leader. Wonder what more is going to happen? What has held him back? The rhetoric at the beginning was too schismatic.



DeTamble said...

It does consume you just a tad. I think I'm missing coming by to read about you, lately it's so often just news.

gayuganda said...


she wants to read about me!!!!!

DeTamble said...

Absolutely! Why wouldn't I want to read about the escapades (no matter how boring) of my ever favourite brother?

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