Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Advice from a Newspaper

For some reason, I keep getting into problems, asking questions which I should not ask.

Anyway, it started with a letter in the Monitor Newspaper. Someone was giving advice about a disease called 'balanitis', an infection of the head of the penis, far as I could judge. [shhh, Princess, shut your eyes]

The gentleman giving the advice is an HIV/AIDS counselor, and, here is part of his advice.

A concerned man can ask how to prevent Balanitis. …

Heterosexual young boys and old ones visit a doctor to check whether you have thrush. The outcome can be good if you are diagnosed and treated early. …

Willy Bikokye Kafeero, HIV/Aids counsellor, Makerere University

So, me being gay, (that is, homosexual), I had a question. Luckily enough, the guy had left an email address on his letter to the newspaper.

So, I e-mailed him, and waited for an answer. Who would like to get an infection of the head of the penis? [Eyes shut, I said, put fingers in the ears, PRINCESS!]

Here is my (very polite) email

Dear Sir,

thanks for your good advice on preventing Balanitis. I noticed that you gave advice to heterosexual young boys and old ones,

'Heterosexual young boys and old ones visit a doctor to check whether you have thrush. '

I am homosexual, what about me? Am I not at risk of balanitis?

Gay Uganda

The answer was not long in coming. Here

Greetings from William

I do not intend to advice some one who can't identify him self. Much as you're gay .

Pliz note that its 100% illegal before God and your nation Uganda in case your coming from Uganda .

Read the constitution of Uganda you have no room to exercise your business much as you call rights

NOTE But note that your rights are not absolute to the community


PLIZ when God created a man called Adam , He created a wife called Eva but not Adams and Evas

Ok. So, I went ahead and read the bible. And the constitution, and all the other things he told me to read about balanitis. Maybe I got the spelling wrong. Seems as if there was no mention of this loathsome disease.

But I sent him a polite thank you note.

Thank you William.

I am grateful for the knowledge



Anonymous said...

Actually the "loathsome disease" (a serious inflammation of the "male member") only occurs in those who are not circumcised --- so it is actually a disease caused by Christians who refused circumcision (in fact, it would primarily be the fault of St. Paul who preached against circumcision)!

The Jews and most Muslims never got it because they were circumcised.

So, blame the Christians!

Let's hear it for circumcision!

spiralx said...

Dear William,

WOT twat-face u are, and you got no Englush training neither.

PLIZ read DICK (haha!)-shun-narry before writing letters next time. And get over yourself, you self-righteous idiot.

Yours, as in "Christ Almighty!",


Leonard said...

Thank you William.

I am grateful for the knowledge

You, Dear Gay Uganda,

are VERY funny...I wonder if William knows how funny you are?

Princess said...

You just made my night,GUG!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!! GUG, give yourself a pat on the back for me.

Funniest thing I've read in ages!

Gay Nairobi Man said...

You actually wrote?...AND he responded too?

Very funny...I bet if William read this post, he still would not get it

Anonymous said...

The Bible clearly states that GOD burnt two cities because of homosexualism...

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