Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pray for the Gay Ugandan Teen

First, I have to warn you. The views expressed in this article are not those of gug. Gug expressly and specifically warns you that, if you are gay, or gay friendly, or gay knowledgeable, you will find much that is in the article is offensive, ignorant, and plain falsehood.

I do understand that it was written by teens. But, most of my dear country men and women sincerely believe the falsehoods shown below.



PS. These articles appeared in the TEEN MAGAZINE, a pullout in the New Vision Newspaper on Saturday 06 Sept. 2008

Its traditional to end such a warning with the words, Reader, Beware. I will just add. Pray for the Gay Ugandan.


Who is to blame for Homosexuality?

When one raises the topic of homosexuality, the first fingers are pointed at schools. People then go on to list names of various culprit schools, most of them being single sex schools. But who said homosexuals do not exists in mixed schools?

At the mention of the name Julie Victor Mukasa and other prominent proud homosexuals, the first thing that runs through an ordinary Ugandan's mind is, from which schools did these rare bold species study? But I believe the question should rather be: from which-families do these species come?

Time and again, the blame for homosexuality is being put on schools. But to say schools alone are entirely responsible for this disastrous behavior is failing to understand the underlying causes of this fast spreading moral decadence.

While apportioning the blame, the biggest goes to parents.

I know parents are always the first to point fingers at schools but have you played your part? Parents have failed to. give their children parental guidance; sex education and enough love and care; they haven't taught their children various virtues patience, contentment and selflessness. This exposes children to wrong sex education from uncensored movies that you have not cared to sieve. If you didn't know, teens are emulating what they see in those movies.

The children, especially teenagers who have a lot of demands, go in for homosexuality because they have been promised money and sponsorship to universities abroad.

Parents deny their children a chance to interact with the opposite sex thinking it is bad but all they are creating are bigger problems. Most parents do not interact with their children so they do not get a chance to .listen to their challenges and know their friends. If your child's friends are homosexuals, chances are that your child is the next target. You have thrown all these responsibilities to the teachers at school.

For heavens sake, teachers have their own families and they are dealing with a large number of students. How can they handle each child at a personal level? It is these loopholes that are creating space for this evil to spread in schools. When a homosexual is expelled, parents complain claiming that expulsion is not the solution to the problem.

But when a homosexual student is retained by the school on condition that he/she will be counseled, complaints from parents arise in fear for their children!!! Therefore, what should be done? You know, homosexuality is a very sensitive issue and it has other underlying causes like Western influences, pornography, mass media, material gain, betrayal by the opposite sex, mental illness and permissiveness.

I only meant to open our eyes to avoid the business of painting fingers at schools; there are greater causes. Pointing fingers does not solve the problem; let's look for solutions to eradicate this fast spreading moral disaster that is spreading thrice as fast as the school fires. Together, we shall fight if there is hope for the teenagers, a brighter future and a homosexual free environment.


[Some personal opinions from students?]


Homosexuality is more rampant in boys' schools. Many boys are sexually active so they begin admiring each other and practicing these weird tendencies.

I do not know about the boys but girls involved in lesbianism are too much into each other. They call each other sweetheart and carry for each other water to the bathroom. Personally I believe expulsion is not enough. These people need to be counseled by professionals


I have read about homosexuality in the press and I have heard of massive expulsions of homosexuals from many schools.

I think it is more common in single sex schools because they do not interact with the opposite sex. It is worse in boys' schools because boys are easily influenced by many things. Boys in higher classes usually take advantage of younger ones in lower classes and force them into homosexuality.

Schools should do more in educating students about the dangers of homosexuality. Parents should be involved more in their children’s lives ,so they guide them. Imprisonment does not change or help matters. Counseling does.


WHOEVER believes that homosexuality does not occur in schools is like the proverbial ostrich which buries its head in the sand.

A friend told me he used to practice homosexuality at their school until he developed complications down there. I did not believe him because I did not expect a friend to be homosexual. He told me it was because of money given to him by his ‘sponsor’, a white guy. I think school authorities should be very strict when it comes to homosexuality because it is a movement. Teachers and health officials should examine both boys and girls suspected of this act, and when evidence is got, they should be handed over to the Police. Such strong meassuere will deter many from practicing it.


Friends from other schools tell me of girls who have been expelled from their schools because thy are suspected of lesbianism. I think the best way of handling this is by counseling the girls other than expulsion. Counselling them about the dangers of homosexuality is enough to deter many from it. I do not buy the argument the people are born homosexuals. God was not foolish to create man and woman. School authorities should get very serious with the so called…


I believe teachers know about homosexuality but keep quiet because they want to protect the reputation of their schools.

The onus is on the government. School inspectors should inspect single sex schools. To stop this habit from taking root in schools, I think it should be a school policy for single sex schools to kill the monotony. Socials should be held ever weekend so girls can interact with boys.


I will say homosexuality exists in schools number of my friends from other schools have testified to it. They say that the homosexuals behave. walk (in a certain way. gug additions!)


A Rwandese guy in my former school was a homosexual. Of course it was known in the student’s circles and boys in his dormitory knew that he was gay but none of them reported him to the school authorities. He was girlish in everything he did, for instance he liked hugging boys tenderly.

I think silence has favored homosexuality. I think the more that students chose to keep quiet about it fuels its spread. Open discourses are better than shunning the culprits because they never change. Maybe though talk, they will realize that they are damaging their bodies.



ALRIGHT, there has been all this yapping and debating that homosexuality is genetic but counselors say it is as a result of our environment - the buddies we chill and hang with, our childhood, among mob other such things.

Joseph Musaalo, a counseling psychologist at Uganda Christian I University, Mukono, says several researchers have also concluded that homosexuals are not born. He said babes and dudes who become homosexuals suffered sexual abuse while they were still kidos.

"When one has been abused, they tend to engage in same sex relationships out of anger," he said but also pointed out that other causes could be peer pressure and erosion of family values.

Another counselor, Florence Oduman of Alfa Counselling Centre, Ntinda, also agreed that homosexuality is just introduced to a teenie and after that, it becomes a habit.

Some teenies, she says, join schools when they are already homos so they recruit others by either using force or dime.

But if you are a homo, you can be helped via counselling and rehabilitation.

Mob spots can offer this counselling and rehabilitation but you can visit Healing Talk Counselling Services at Nakawa, Relate Counselling at Wampewo Avenue, Care Counselling Centre, Bukoto and religious institutions.

"It's normally a hard habit to break because it becomes an addiction," said Oduman. "However, during counselling, its dangers are exposed and the victim can get helped. It even involves separating such a person from their partner."

Ruth Matoya, a counselling psychologist at Healing Talk Counselling Services and a lecturer at Bugema University, says teenies should be aware that by deciding to join the homo clique, they should be ready to suffer stigma from other people for the rest of their lives.

Stigma is not the only zib that Matoya mentions. There are both physical and psychological dangers. For example, since the human sexual anatomy is designed for male female relationships, bruising can easily occur in the process as well as numerous infections because the bacteria in the anus can be transmitted to other areas.

"The anus is designed to open outwards and if it's forced to open inwards, it can wear out," Matoya said. "The other issue [especially among the boys] is who can accept to be the 'woman' because men are born with an ego and at one time will want to be in a controlling position.

For girls, they will need a masculine touch at one time that none of them can provide in a same sex relationship."

-Because it is a perverted way of looking at things, Mutoya says, homosexual teenies won't be able to be fathers or mothers.

She advises parents to uplift self esteem in their children, especially in adolescence, and give them enough information about sexuality. But, teachers should constantly warn students about the risks of engaging in homosexuality – like easily getting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. She said in every school, homosexuality and lesbianism exists and therefore teachers shouldn't overlook it.


gayuganda said...

I will not dare to comment!

Sometime ago, I would have been reeling with anger. At the lies. The misconceptions. The plain lack of information. At least now, I can be sad, without thinking about being angry.

And i can admire something. The strategy. New vision is the biggest selling newspaper. The teens pullout comes on Saturdays. Notice that the 'opinions' are of children, who I would not blame for getting things wrong. Well, if they were adults, I would roast them for getting it out.

Yet, this is the kind of information about homosexuality which will be published anywhere in Uganda.

Yes, a good strategy. Aimed at Teens

For some reason, this Teen Pullout did not appear on the new vision website.

Except, a nasty suspicion,

Princess, is this the famous article you were talking about? If it is, girl, it does not do you any service showing off your brains. You do have good ones, there. But if you wrote this trash, I will simply let deT scrub you out.

But if you did, she would have a hopeless task. So, I just hope you are not the writer of the first article, Amy Amina Itogot being a pseudoname...

Anonymous said...

This is painful reading..but not unexpected. Plenty of people still hold on to misconceptions about homosexuality and lesbianism.

I for one have been told (countless of times!) that I am gay because one of my parents is white. (Yes because the gay trait just cannot be African *eye- roll*) Many,many people ask me whether I was abused as a child- and the answer is no. But they go on to insist that I must've been and I blocked it out...etc....

The only way to counter these views is through education, being exposed to gay people via media etc....

I know plenty of Africans get riled at 'exporting' things from the 'West' but its a given that in our urban cities, many young people are influenced by the western media ( movies, books, magazines etc...) I feel in time that being exposed to images of LGBT persons and lifestyle- it'll help in demystifying the whole concept and maybe even lead to a (very) slow and gradual acceptance.

Because there's no way in hell that our African media ( except for South Africa) is going to do this- at least not in the forseeable future.

spiralx said...

I notice all the quoted 'research' belongs to the Christians inside Uganda. Not a peep about all the work going on elsewhere in the world... so, not so much education, as much as propaganda...

Princess said...

I was going to say that I'm embarassed that some of those writers are my age...

*But now I'm insulted that you could even think me capable of writing such incredibe trash.
Have I not learnt a thing or two from your blog?
Did I not interview Orombi,Nsaba Buturo and a whole bunch of other people to lay the groundwork for my article?
Did I not demonstrate some kind of quest for opinions, views and facts before I could dare to publish the article?

I wouldn't write under an alias either...following the simple logic that I would not write that which I would later be ashamed of-
Hell! To write that would make me a hypocrite, because I am pro-gay rights.
GUG, you've seen my essays/posts. Surely, there's an underlying style? Do I sound like that Amina Itogot character?

On another day, I'd have been hopping mad. But all I feel is a numbing disappointment.

Your nasty suspicion says eloquently that you do not credit me with much intelligence or character.

You patronise DeT and myself, because we are 'younger' and do not fully 'understand.'
You could do well with a few lessons yourself, on what you can and cannot say to people or how far you can take a joke.
Age or experience does NOT make your opinions better/wiser/more informed all of the time.
You ARE fallible.
Perhaps you need to be reminded of that more often.

gayuganda said...

tut tut tut sis.

Why is it that all good families are always fighting?????

I was just wondering how many things I could say to raise your ire.

And, well, I found myself infallible at that, ha ha ha ha.

Princess, I just had to read that once, and know you would be insulted to write that English. Fact.

Just wanted to get a rise out of you. And succeded, so, so well.

And see, not only did I succede to make you write, you who has not been writing on your blog, you wrote a comment which is a post! Ha!

So, now, go get good and angry, and pour that angst into a post. And voila, we will have princess beating the 'blog block' in a jiffy!

And who the hell says I think you guys are young and stupid?

I never said that. And now I feel insulted. Should I rant???????

Anonymous said...


If I were a LGBT "teenie" being interview for the most "popular" newpaper pullout, with MY NAME appearing...well, you know, I might get a little creative if it meant that I would be punished, outcasted, abominated...told I was emotionally/spiritually sick...damn right, I'd get creative, and is a pity that other people may read and believe this madness.

What was interviewing Orombi like? I've seen videos of him and he has a certain "appeal" until he goes "on message" and starts with the shaming (schools) and blaming (foreigners) for the "rampant" LGBTism plague that Ugandans are currently captivated as I've been watching Orombi preach his stuff, he makes me ill...he's a dangerous ego/feardriven bigot and he may have lots of selective Scriptural words for all of us but the man is destroying the lives and reputations of fellow human beings...he thinks he's a hero...he's a disgusting grandstander...and he feeds the fire of hate.

Herman Melville Botz, Esquire

DeTamble said...

GUG, you feel insulted?

So why start it by insulting us first?

You have the social aptitude of a baboon. If you're going to insult us specifically to anger us, then please just leave us alone.

People who intentionally cause hurt just so they can get something they want are not nice people. One day we won't forgive you and I'm warning you now, that time is coming very close. We do like you, we want to be friends but the way you treat us is unnecessary and spiteful. Please stop.

Princess said...

@ Esquire: Orombi tactfully evaded the harder-hitting questions. He managed somehow to preach at us instead of answering our questions. He made himself abundantly clear though: if the gay persons would not go to the church for 'help,' the church wanted nothing to do with them. Any discrimination or poor treatment of gay persons would therefore draw from him a simple, " Oh, dear! What a pity!"
It would not be worth fighting for though. They, are after-all grave sinners... He comes off as a self-righteous prig.

@ GUG: You sure have a warped sense of humour. But I find myself very amused. :D
*Oh, and you don't say that we are stupid. Your tone implies it.:P

@ DeT: Our brother is pretty special. I'm guessing we'll have to learn to accept him as much as he has to learn to understand us. You hear, GUGGY?

DeTamble said...

@Princess: What makes him so special that we should put up with treatment like that when we wouldn't allow anyone else to do that?

spiralx said...

Now children, if you're going to fight, go into the garden, Mama has a slight headache today...

DeTamble said...

Mummy?....... :-o OH FUCK! Princess! Get some clothes on! If Ma sees you in that tiny skirt she's gonna kick yo arse!!

gayuganda said...

Princess???? Tiny skirt???

Let me, let me, let me see!!!!!

gayuganda said...

Sorry, deT!


I was disrupted. err, distracted. From my holy comment. But not enough.

Yes, I was insulted. [smugly], I do have a very high opinion of my sisters.

Of course you will have to accept me as I am! [suprised], there is no one like me, is there? You will not take me back and change me? Huh?

[of course, I will have to remember to take you as you are. No changes. But, me, I like you as you are. Even if I have the social instincts of a baboon???, where does she get all these nicely complimentary statements?]

Imagine. My vaunted intelligence brought back deT here. Angry and prepared to throw missiles at the drop of a pant. Oh, sorry... Stone, err, but back!

You are welcome angry lil big sis!!!!

Oh, that does not mean that I am going to change my bad ways. To the contrary. So, I will be preparing more rants in the future. To hear, that is...

Princess said...

I'll have you know I look super-sexy in that skirt!!! :P

Princess said...

I gots to fit in, you know! :-)

*Hi mom!

Gay Nairobi Man said...


Sorry for my late comment..

This is a load of bull.. and the paper run this? Talk about polluting the minds of teens.

Is this a strategy of the Christians in uganda?

gayuganda said...


's ok.

Just wondering also.


spiralx said...

Hi gay nairobi man , yes, the whole article is indeed a load of bat guano.

(It always amuses me, how easily it is - supposedly! - to 'turn' someone gay! Just a hint or a touch in the dark, and whoof! there we are, a freshly-made homosexual!

If it were that simple to 'convert', you wonder why gay people haven't been embracing hetero-average for centuries, with just the flick of a switch, don't you...).

Anonymous said...

Being homosexual is a matter of being spiritually oppressed. If a person is being so decieved to think that "that" is just the way the were made, or thats just how i am, THATS BULL! it is WRONG to be a homosexual! They are being decieved by saten himself and domond oppressed. They need love and help from God and His children, not put downs. If you are a homosexual, you are being deceived and blinded, seek God for help. He is waiting to set you free.

GayUg Teen said...

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