Monday, January 7, 2008

Accra, Ghana

Like any human being, I am reasonably jealousy of my reputation.

That is why I blog about my smelly feet and socks and the things that I do. Someone asked me why I down rate myself. Do I? I think of it like seeing my true self, rather than being dazzled by the things that I can do. Of course there are things that I excel at. And there are those that I do not. So does every human being.

I try not to be a Uriah Heep in my humility. (Long time since I read David Copperfield, but the image was so strong I remember!). I am what I am, and proud to be, a fallible common man.

The fragility of life’s a tightrope;
balancing act I walk daily-
every precious second of life.

So, as to my bragging. Prepare to be bored.

Just realized today is the 7th of Jan. Barely a week since the new year started.

I have been on, and off the African Continent. And surprisingly, for a guy who does love the city of Kampala, within the next few days I may be on two other continents.

Where am I at the moment?

Ghana. The Gold Coast, as it was called a long time ago. As it is still called by those who love to remember old things. Like me.

And if in Ghana, where else to be but Accra, the capital.

A stewardess at Dubai airport asked me where Accra was. I was struck with amazement. I told her it was in Ghana (my geography has always been good, though I must swear I did not know the particular point on the map where the world famous Dubai was.) Why was she asking? Accra, it has a nice sound to it. That was her explanation.

I gave my world famous grin and rushed not to miss the plane.

What am I doing on the gold coast? Well, not much gold to take, if I knew where it was. But there are other things. The country has beautiful men, and women, most likely. And a beautiful weather, warm, in the 30s most of the time, till late in the night, and even then the temperatures do not drop too much.

Staying in a beach hotel, and the beach itself? Amazing, breathtaking. Lake Victoria is beautiful in its own right. But a true beach of sand, stretching for miles out of sight, with a sea surging at tide, a horizon curving to touch the skies- that has a beauty all of itself.
I have spent most of the time ensconced in a conference room. Talking with others, listening, being chilled by the air conditioning system. If there is a worse way to spend time, I will have to look it up.

Maybe it was worth the while.

Entering Ghana, at the airport customs, there was this board.

“Welcome to Accra, Ghana. Ghana welcomes everybody. Beware pedophiles and those of deviant sexual behavior. Ghana has strict laws to deal with you. You are not welcome.”
I am no pedophile. (Some people do confuse homosexual and pedophile). But I had no reason to doubt that I was one of the people with deviant sexual behavior that was being warned to stay clear of the holy soil of Ghana.

I did not feel welcome. Not at all.

Imagine, my surprise, and pleasure, when I discovered, on Saturday, that Accra had a very vibrant gay scene. Very vibrant!

The freedom that these guys and gals showed, the welcome with which they embraced me, the warmth and thawing, noting that I am home, in Africa. That was truly something to feel and write home about.

Yes, the gay social scene is more open, and vibrant, than it is in Kampala, Uganda. I will take some very fond memories away with me.

Yes, by the time you read this, I most likely will have left Accra, Ghana, and be off to more travels.

Have a great new year, and wait for more!



Anonymous said...


This is all a great mystery to me!

What are you doing in Dubai and Ghana and wherever else is next?

Is this a holiday? Or a conference circuit? Or something to do with your job?

And where do you get the money for all this First Class world-wandering? (I live in "big, rich America" and I could never afford to fly to Dubai - or Uganda, for that matter!)

gayuganda said...

hi Bolton,

happy new year!!!!!

naughty me, I am just so happy to have this mystery going that I will not, and say that again, I will not relieve your curiosity untill I have milked it for all it is worth!!!!!!

Believe it or not, the 'Cheapest tickets' end up being long detours to out of the way places and longer waits etc.

but at least I can say that I have seen Dubai!!!!

2008. Jan, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi GayUganda,

came across your blog when i checking up on the gay life in accra, where I'm based for the next three weeks.

you talk about a vibrant scene, any suggestions?!

haven't made the beech yet, here for the footie, but after your description it's on the agenda...

all the best

gayuganda said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yeah, there is a vibrant scene. More vibrant that in Uganda certainly.

The beach seemed a 'sizzler' Sunday, especially the evening, near the Labadi Hotel. But even the other days, one could pick up the vibes.

And the bar of bars, according to what I was told, is called 'Henri's'

Apparently it is iconic, and many seem to know it! Dont know the happening days, but do know that it is a happening place.


Anonymous said...

thanks for that - i'll keep you posted on how i get on...

i live in Paris by the way

all the best

Anonymous said...

hi there I just moved to Accra...and want to go to Henri's do you have an address? Or what would you suggest is the best way for me to do this?

gayuganda said...


Directions. I am usually directionless. So where is Henri's?

Better you ask the locals. Labadi Beach, there is a Hotel is what I know. Labadi beach boys should be able to tell you without a doubt...!

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