Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why do you hate me so much?

Dumb question. But sometimes dumb questions need answers.

It’s a grey overcast Sunday. Saturday night was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I would like to forget it, but I cannot. The day has been overcast, and I have realized that I didn’t want to come back to the blog.


A Christian came. Invaded my privacy here, and he is telling me how bad I am, and how he does not hate me, but love me. So he insists on engaging me in a conversation.

Why don’t I just shut him off? After all he makes me boil with the anger of frustration. But why should I shut him down?

Dialogue. We do not dialogue with the likes of Ssempa, and Akinola. Because they do not listen when we talk. (And we do not listen when they talk. The conversation is a shouting match, both groups insisting on how evil the other is, hearing little of the others point of view). Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria believes if I shake his hand I may soil him. What a man of God! But I am insightful enough to know that if I ask them to listen to me, I should also listen to them. Upside of that, if they do listen to me, they will no longer think me evil. My not so secret weapon. Truth.

Ignorance. I was in a meeting with someone, who was telling me about those I curse as homophobes. She kept insisting that people like Nsaba-Buturo are sincerely ignorant. That they do not know the realities of sexuality. They have been taught, from day one, to believe that a homosexual is a devil incarnate. They believe it. Simply, and sincerely. And to them, any proof to the contrary is just ignored. Is this true?


But to me, it boils down to the fact that someone is persecuting me for what I am. And goes as far as advocating to have my head cut off, in the name of his religion.

A guy called Kimbowa. He is a Christian. When I tell him that I am gay, he says, ok you are, but something is wrong. When I tell him I am not a pedophile, he tells me that studies have been done to show that I am a pedophile. I look at this [imbecile, my quick anger insists], and shake my head in frustration.

So, how will I tell him what I am when he does not have the grace to listen to what I say?

Yes, I can ignore him.

Surely I can? But it also irks me that someone thinks I am so bad that he does not question my goodness! I am a human being too, I cry. So, I have bad things and good things about me. It would be immensely satisfying to push that into his head.

That is a rant of a reason.

But a more serious one. These guys may show hatred for us out of ignorance. If we can educate them out of this ignorance, we gain. Hatred is hatred, even when it is clothed in ecclesiastical clothes. If they point a gun at us and shoot, the bullet kills us, whether they intend it or not. I would rather that I take away the gun, than that I would have to harm them before they harm me!

Ok, now I am calm. At least I hope I am calm enough. Let the dialogue begin.



The 27th Comrade said...

These days, I sit in the background and watch. The safety, you know. I don't want the LGBT league to come pursuing with daggers and stuff, led by our very own GUG. :o)

By the way, I may get rare on the web ...

gayuganda said...

Duh, comrade

you's already rare. Gone slumming again?

By the way, despite all the hype, the LGBTI are more sinned against than they are sinners. More than likely gug will be at the front deflecting the verbal stings at comrade, than chasing you with ill intent!

spiralx said...

The "LGBT League"?? What - are you afraid that you might dragged off to some back alley and forced to have a decent hair-cut?

You should borrow a "Queer Eye for The Straight Guy" DVDsome time and have a giggle! Kitchen knives are about as close to daggers as it ever gets!

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

I do not hate you!

gayuganda said...

Ah Kimbowa,

you do not hate me?
But just in the previous comment you called me a pervert and a pedophile.

I do like your loving language.

So, if you do not hate me, why do you persecute me like that? Why do you abuse me?

DeTamble said...

Haha! I actually think 27th would KILL anyone who threatened him with a hair cut.

We'll see though. I'm going to cut off one of his dreads one day. So if I suddenly disappear then you all know that he's gone and killed me.

But on the bright side he'll be a dread short. HAHAHAHA!! LIKE A SUCKER!

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

"Pervert" is a desriptive not abusive term.
I do not feel offended when a moslem calls me an infidel (kafiri) becuase I understand that to mean a non moslem.
And I insist that I have not called you a pedophile. Neither have I abused you nor persecuted you. For the upteenth time am saying that I DO NOT HATE YOU.
I open my ears to listen to what you are saying.
However, I will not shy away from saying what I know is the truth. That homosexuality is wickedness!!! I understand that it may be true that some people may have homosexual inclinations but my simple answer to that is that feeling like you want to steal does not mean that you go ahead and steal because you know that stealing is wickedness.
think about the young boys who have gone through the trauma of being sodomised. You must know very well the story of benjamin buloba who was sodomised to death in luzira prisons. And the allegations of sodomy by pr kitaka. The victims are finding it very hard to cope.
We must stop this evil from escalating in our country even when american homosexuals send money to promote the vice. I understand there are even scholarships that are given on the basis of one being a homosexual. What is the motive of someone who does something he knows is wrong going ahead to try to promote it?
I salute the framers of our country's penal code who put a life sentence for homosexuality.
But Christ loves you and would welcome you home if you chose to accept him and leave perversion

gayuganda said...

What Kimbowa?

Oh yes, I do love your language. So, I have a lover. I love him so much. So much!
Love, that is!
And, sadly, because I love him and we make love, I should go to prison for life.

Yes, Kimbowa, you do hate me. How can you not see this log in your eye?
How can you tell me at the same time that you love me and then that I should spend my lifetime in prison, because you love me?

Forgive me but, what will I expect an enemy to tell me? What is the colour of hate in your eyes, if love is so disguised?

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

When someone commits a crime, he/she should serve the prescribed sentence because jail terms are meant for redemption.
It is the ones we love that we want to be redeemed. The life sentence was meant to prevent the likes of Benjamin Buloba from happening.

gayuganda said...

Hi Kimbowa,

so, we have agreed that you hate me. Because I cannot imagine anybody but an enemy wishing me to have life long imprisonment for redemption.
Thanks, Christian, for your god like love.

Now, lets move on.

From what is said, Benjamin Buloba was raped in prison, and he died.
Do you know the difference between rape and consensual sex?
I mean, I make love with my lover as often as I can. It is not rape. Certainly. And if one of us was to have died of it, it should surely have happened in the last 7 years of our partnership?

So, I know you hate me, but why do you compare me to rapists? Why do you accuse me of Benjamin Buloba's Death? Surely the difference between me as a gay man and rape in prison is understandable despite you hating me?

Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Do you know the health implications of sex from behind? The anal canal is "one way" and therefore inserting anything from behind damages it.
Am sure you know that most of your colleagues move around with pampers like babies simply because the system is damaged.

DeTamble said...

@Daivd: Don't dis it till you try it! :P

gayuganda said...


what will it take to see the log in your eye?

I dont know.

Anyway, let us correct another of your false assumptions. If sex from 'behind' was a bad thing, people would not do it, would they? And, well, you have been told that it is unhealthy. From what you say, isnt it logical to assume that I should now be dead, me and my partner of 7 years?

Gosh, do you believe everything that Pastor Ssempa tells you about gay people?

Again I ask, why do you hate me so much?
It just puzzles me. You sincerely believe that you do not hate me. But you choose to believe naked lies about me. Think about what I have written for a brief second.

Now, will you answer me, why do you hate me?


Nicholas Kimbowa said...

Ask me why do I love you so much and I will answer that it is because we were created by the same God irrespective of living different lifestyles. And am 100% sure that God loves me and you.
Do I have to believe everything that pastor ssempa tells me about homosexuals?
Well, I have no reason not to believe him. He holds a PhD in public health. And one of his numerous projects was when he worked in a homosexual community in Philadelphia. One of the acts he found out homosexuals to be practicing was an act called fisting. This (VERY VERY VERY VERY AMAZINGLY) is when one inserts his entire fist into the anal canal of the other. If this is not saddening, then God knows what it is.
And you still ask that if it was so bad why would people be doing it?
Well, terrorism bad (I think we agree on that)and people are doing it. I must insist that I will join you in celebration whenm you have choasen to leave that perverted lifestyle (Oh you dont want me to call you a pervert but I have no other word to use as I find that appropriate).
We all have to agree that that was not the way man grew up to live. Am sure homosexuals have proper sexual organs with all the ingredients of sex. Then why choose to go for something fake? We shall not stop the fight to rid our nation of sexual perversion. I do not want God to destroy us like He did to sodom and gomorah!!!!!!

gayuganda said...


here he is again.

So, you love me so much you want me in prison for life because you fear your god will destroy beautiful Uganda because of my sexuality!


Now, we are getting there.

I told you I do not believe your holy book. But you insist on quoting it. So Ssempa is a PhD? Do you know the difference between an honorary PhD and one which is not? I bet you dont. Do not ask him, because he might not like to answer you.

But Nsaba Buturo is a PhD in economics....

So, maybe I respect Nsaba Buturo more.

Hey, Kimbowa,

I understand now. You hate me so much because you fear that my sin will cause you to be killed by your god. Ok. That at least I can understand.


What you call terrorism, Osama Bin Laden calls the Call of God. Is there any difference between him and you who is persecuting me because of your beliefs?

I am not a Christian. And you are the first Christian who has dared to give a reason as to why Christians hate me. Or love me to death, the way they do.

Is there any other reason why you hate me so much?

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