Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Diet of Love

Last night, it was drizzling. Or was it? It was certainly colder than usual.

For some reason I also felt more amorous than usual. Guess I sometimes switch it off, having to live with my lover. Of course we fight, (who doesn't?), but that rarely interrupts a full diet of love.

Came back late from work. I needed to finish off a few things, so I told him I would find him in bed. He was tired. Didn't insist. Went to bed and even shut the door. Did not call me more than 10 times and fell asleep.

When I joined him, I was not feeling sleepy. Lay in bed awake for some time till I felt the tang of cold. I scooted up to him, and damn. He felt incredible. I felt like I wanted to wrap myself around him. Just to soak in his body heat, to augment mine. Usually, he does that instinctively, seeking my body heat. So much that he crowds me to my side of the bed, even when asleep. This time it was like I was pushing and he was pushing, till we ended up in the middle of the bed, wrapped around one another like Siamese twins. With maximum skin contact. It felt good. I drifted off to sleep, till he started pulling away, and we tagged our way to his end. I woke up when we were in the middle and still intertwined. And he was whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

It is great to love. Great to love and be loved back.

I don't think I deserve him, the way he loves me, so unreservedly. I don’t think I can give so much of myself to him like he gives of himself to me. It seems incredible. He is passionate, I am cautious. I never believe that it will last, even years after we met. He believes in 'till-death-us-do-part', so passionately that I am almost cresting that wave with him. He makes me feel good. He makes me feel whole. He makes me feel loved.

He soaks me in a full diet of love, and don't I love it!


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