Friday, August 24, 2007

Times of Revolution!

They are challenging times. Challenging to me individually, but also generally speaking.
Once I thought that I would have nothing to fear. Now I have known fear, and been forced to think of contingency plans.

Yet, despite the fact that there are problems on the ground, the issue of openly debating homosexuality in Uganda is exhilarating. It is consuming my mind, and what I am doing all the time. I was ambushed. In a way. Maybe it should have been predictable. But the passion of the population is not. Of course few support us!

Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Nsaba Buturo. There are guys who sincerely believe that we kuchus are a threat to them. He is not acting on corruption. He is not acting on the thieves. But he feels strongly that it is a god given duty for him to stir up hatred against gay Ugandans. To block their very efforts to talk. To block the debate. As minister of information, he managed to gag the very independent minded government paper at that time. Now, he is targeting the independent media. He wants it stopped. We should not be given a forum. We should not talk. We should not be allowed. The only allowed message on the media should be about the evils of homosexuality! And he wants a Nigeria style law. Take away basic human rights from homosexual Ugandans. Make it a crime to write this blog.

And the media is hugely in the hands of the church. They own TV stations, and fm stations. And theirs is a message of hate. They have decided to target individuals. No, the discussion is not about the issues. But the individuals.
So, the Monitor Reporter is under attack. Because she reports objectively, thus promoting homosexuality. The activists are being haunted. The masks are being slipped off. And when known, the pastors are reading the names on the media. Gosh, how puny is our strength compared to them! They have everything!

Yesterday I went to see the guys. And gals. Brave they are. But it is taking its toll. In Kampala at the moment, being recognised as a trans is not a blessing. One gal was forced off a bus. They didnt want to travel with this abomination.
They are not sleeping well. They are moving from place to place.
And the gay community is also scared. Stop the campaign. It is blowing apart our closets!


But it simply has to be done. The closets are killing us. We need to get out of them and realise that we are gay human beings, gay Ugandans. There is nothing like dying in silence. We shall raise the brouhaha.

And more. Now we turn to HIV.

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