Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time off for some Good loving

Well, I am a human being. So, even in the midst of the tension of this campaign, I find that I crave love. I crave the feeling of completeness that I find with my love with me. I find the need for some great loving.

Yesterday, I was shocked when I heard about Gaetano's suspension. I actually heard that he had been chucked from the station. And I was a bit put off. I was worried. I immediately told my immediate boss at work. Asked him whether he had any problem with my involvement in this whole homosexual issue. He was caz. That's Uganenglish for casual, slang for 'cool about it'. He offered to tell my 'boss of bosses'. I thanked him. Told him no. I would do the honours myself.

I mean, my boss of bosses and I, we have a bit of history. I think of him as a friend. And I think he once suspected me of being gay. No. I did not come on to him. Just that his outlook on the world is a bit different.

So, this morning, using MTN’s freebee airtime, I rang up my boss. He was cool. Pretty cool. And when I rung off, I went to tell my lover, who loves sleeping in. I jumped onto the bed and hugged him. When he asked me who I had been talking to, I just told him, the boss of bosses. Immediately he was tense. Wanted to know whether I had been fired!

I told him no. I was not fired. The boss was cool. He was not even aware of the fracas. He has not even been aware that there was much going on, and that it was concerning me in a way. And no, he had not had any hints of problems.

Cool of him. Very cool of him.

That has been a great start to the day. I mean, I feel alive. The tension I didn't know I had has gone. Course the pressure may become a nuisance. And he may be forced to give me some leave time. Especially if I become more identified with the campaign. But he has a temper, and a stubbornness, that I am counting on.

Well, I was supposed to be writing about my love.

After telling him about my boss, I wanted some good, good loving. He didn't.

We did have quite a session last night. Sorry guys, I am male and he is male, and when the hormones hit us, we don’t stop to think about it. And, as one guy so succinctly put it, we do it in our house.

So we had some good, good loving last night. And this morning, I was in a great mood. Wanted more sex. And he wasn't for it. (crazy him, complained later that he had not got the morning f….) Sure the broadcasting council will not censure this blog for its openness?

Now, I have just been watching him, naked, getting ready for work. I really felt in love. He asked why I was watching him. I told him my baby looks beautiful naked. Adam's suit really suits him. And I felt like holding him.

The goodbye kiss was particularly good. The feel of his body close to me, the feel of his bum in my hands, when I kneed it. The tongue duel and taste of his mouth.

I do love the guy. Sometimes it surprises me that I can be so much in love so long since I met him. But I love him. And he loves me. I am really sorry for Nsaba Buturo and Ssempa. They just don't get it. They will never really get it.



Aseu said...

Hi first time here.. learnt about this blog and thought I should pass by and say hi...

Just one question though that's been bugging me... Do you feel normal like you are really in love with another person oft he same sex...Really really madly in love?

And do you think about getting children/giving birth and so on? I know there are various ways of getting kids like adoption, surrogation etc...? In the back of your heads what are gay people really looking for in life?

Beats me totally.

gayuganda said...

Hi Aseu, welcome.
I love him. Deeply, madly, completely. I mean, check out the post that I wrote before, 'I call him Husband'
Yes, I feel normal. What would be abnormal for me is being in bed with a woman. I can. I have. But that is when things dont work!
I love him. He loves me. What is abnormal about that? That is why I pity Ssempa and Nsaba Buturo. There is nothing like love. And if you are fighting against love, you are doomed to fail. They are.
I want kids. He doesnt. As any couple we have to work that out to our satisfaction. Thats cool, dont you think?
Your profile says that you dont want kids. That, according to popular Ugandan stereotypes, should be 'abnormal'. But you are and I agree that you are, happy and normal. So why do you think that I am abnormal?
What are you looking for in life? That is exactly what I am looking for in life. Money, happpiness, love, understanding, camaraderie. The things that you also want. Why should I be different in all because I am gay. Ask yourself whether you have different aspirations from your left handed friends, assuming you are right handed that is.
Shouldnt beat you totally. Expand your horizons. The world is not only mama's cooking. Some eat raw fish. Uggghhh to me!
Be well, and thank for the inquiry.

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