Saturday, August 18, 2007

How it feels; Coming Out

Well, so this is how it feels being under pressure of outing? A funny feeling in my stomach. The head seems to be overly active. I am finding it a problem to convince myself to get out of the house. I am wondering who has heard it now. Or when the ones I see will hear of it. And I am kind of impatient. Why is it that my mind is so consumed by my possible outing but everyone else seems not to have an idea of what is going on with me? I mean, the whole world should be a storm now, if I go by what is happening in my mind!

Its good that the world is not like that.

The religious leaders were shocked at the press conference. One of the Moslem ones decreed we (kuchus) should be killed. That the Quaran says so. And the Christian ones weighed in with their own condemnation of the abomination of homosexuality. Only the Pentecostals missed an easy quote. But maybe the quote from Pastor Ssempa was unprintable! And the good Minister for Ethics and Integrity, the homophobe Nsaba-Buturo wondered how come this was allowed to happen. I have a feeling that it caught them flat footed. They just did not think that gay Ugandans would be coming out at this moment in time. I think the ethics minister would have wanted the police to stop the press conference. Come to think of it, it took place about a km from the Central Police Station in Kampala! He is supposed to meet the Minister of Internal Affairs (in charge of police) for urgent consultations.

The Inspector General of Police was more cautious.

And on the personal front, a sister wanted to know whether that was me in the papers. Guess the process of coming out is going apace. In the nervous mood that I am in, when my dad gave me the cold shoulder yesterday I thought it was because of the news that was consuming my consciousness! Later I settled down. It was a different matter. Of course he will get to know, sooner or later. But don’t I hope it is much, much later!!!!!!

Why don’t they leave us in peace?


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