Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not yet over!

It's a fact that many think that the campaign for gay rights in Uganda has been resoundingly defeated.

It is not yet over. I sincerely believe that we are yet to deliver our best. That is tall imagination, with the poll saying that 95% of Ugandans do not support it. But the fact is that we are not counting on popularity. We are counting on the resounding defeat of ignorance by cool clear logic, something which our 'enemies' seem very far from. We have to agree that it is them who, following a clearly and un-repentantly homophobic agenda have contributed to the success of the debate. For we wanted a debate. We have got a debate. Now, soon, it is time for us to show what cool logic is behind us.

And I have a feeling that something done yesterday is the lynchpin, the turning point of it all. But then, I have been known to dream of milk and honey when I am starving. Used to do that in boarding school!

My personal odyssey is ongoing. And it is so much more fun than true fiction.

I told of the time that I went and told my older brother that I am gay. And the fact that he did not know, but still did not reject me. It is important because he is a Pentecostal church pastor, a 'conservative' Christian, a fundamentalist. And he did not reject me.

Well, Sunday he was to see Dad. Came with the whole family.

I was leaving the house, with my partner. We both noticed that my brother was nearby. I shouted out, greeting him.

My lover was all nerves. He knew that I had told big bro that I was gay, and he knew that there was much riding on his acceptance, or rejection. And lover man was all nerves. And I was not sure. After all, big bro had not communicated since we had talked.

Big bro called out to me, greeting me. I told him that we were leaving for a prior appointment, and he came towards us. Now came the great thing. He came towards me, beaming with joy. When he saw my lover, he greeted him with open joy. I was anxious, he buried me in a hug. And held out another hand to my lover, knowing that he was my lover.

I was overwhelmed. I was literally speechless. It meant much to me. It meant much to my lover, because this was my family welcoming my lover, knowing that he is my gay male lover. Wow!

We went to my father's house to greet my brothers family. We did it. but my mind was still in a spin. I am still thinking how great it is that one can get out and be normal. And be out and known by family? A gay Ugandan out of the closet! Wow


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