Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, it was a day to remember. A day that was.

Came morning, we knew that a anti-gay demonstration was planned. It had been announced in all the churches, and we were of the opinion that something hot was going to happen.

During the day, our ears were tuned to the FM stations. We wanted to know what was happening in town. I did not go to town. My lover passed through briefly, worried about what would be happening. We had planned to shift some of the more suggestive literature to someone else’s house. We fear the knock on the door. But well, this is our country.

News about the demonstration filtered in. first that it was cancelled, then that it had been turned into a rally at the place. And they were loud.

How many were they? I think about 100. Not the ‘hundreds’ that were expected. But we were not to be left in peace. (as we requested!!!!).

So, Sempa spoke, and Nsaba Buturo spoke and all was as expected. What was not expected was the vitriol against a reporter who has been reporting objectively. Maybe because she is not Ugandan!!!!!

So, because of that, they want her out of the country. Buturo is particularly vitriolic about not giving homosexuals any media space. His homophobia should be aired, but not the opinion of the homosexuals. He wants us gagged, and bound, while he whips us to death.

That we cause AIDS!!!!!!! God in heaven. What bullshit!

The fm stations were on the ball. They aired what they could. They shouted, denounced, laughed, jocked. One announcer was put on the ball, she was very negative. And someone asked her, what she wanted done. She sputtered and spluttered. Maybe jail, maybe what? She ended up saying nothing, but that ‘something’ should be done. We have been accused of pedophilia, rape, murder, being un-African, unscriptural, etc.

But later in the day was the shock. We had met with someone else as planned. And here comes my dad, to warn me that the police was looking for us. I was shocked. Not the police looking for us, because that I did not think would happen. But that he knew, and felt that he had to break that knowledge so that he makes sure that he warns me.

I was touched, and shocked. Took some time to recover. My lover is reminding me that I was not able to touch supper.

We had a lively discussion, with other guys too. All kuchu, all apprehensive at the debate occurring in the country. We all agreed that the debate was necessary. But Kagaba was not staying at his home. And we were not comfortable in our beds. But the silver lining on the cloud, the gold heart of it all, is the fact that my dad knows, and has known for some time that I am homosexual. He had not said anything about it to me, but he felt it necessary to come warn me about possible police arrest. Sweet. Time soon to find out how thick blood is. I love my family!!!!!!


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