Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Debate Stirred

I don't know whether I have been dreaming. On one hand, we have done something which has not been done before. Forced the people of Uganda to talk about our sexuality. To confront the fact that we are different from the rest, and still the same as them. And we are crossing swords with government ministers, the state and the church! And we are nothing. Ugandans, ordinary Ugandans, many of us not well read, many of us hiding what we are. We are very, very few in number, and the public is much against us. But we are forcing a debate. Simply because we are determined enough to!

Now, it is funny. I am getting this niggling thing that we are winning despite the sense of losing. Check out this opinion in the Monitor. The Futility of Fighting Homosexuality. And it is a Ugandan writing that!!!! I guess he is a little bit biased because he is a law student working in human rights. It is a fact that many of those very lawyers view us like most Ugandans do. They think we are mad.

And I love, and hate this interview by Nsaba Buturo. The guy really believes we are less than animals. It is very funny. He is completely convinced of the rightness of his cause. But he is advocating for no rights for homosexual Ugandans, because they are homosexual. Let them leave the country. Uganda will be cursed if homosexuals are legalised. It is abominable.

I wish I could spit him out. I mean, I am a Ugandan. I will rather die than be thrown out of my country. This debate here shows to the full what he really thinks. I am a bit puzzled by the illogic of his thought processes. He is not senile. He is a PhD, but mate, his logic defies er… reason!

Thanks for the courage of Julie Victor Mukasa. She is realy doing something commendable. A politician in the lady there. (She may hit me if she sees this!!!) But it is true. Stirring such a bold course through LGBT politics is not something easy. But she is a firebrand. And she wants to be treated, just like all other Ugandans. Nsaba Buturo would give her help to get asylum somewhere else. But she is a Ugandan. She wants to stay in her country. Talk about David vs Goliath! The giant seems a bit puzzled at the persistence of this biteme. It just will not go away.

We shall overcome, someday!


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