Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mob Justice

Muslim youth belonging to the Tabliq movement in Uganda have confirmed they plan to set up 'Anti-Gay Squads' to fight homosexuality.

This is something that worries me more than all the threats from Nsaba Buturo and Ssempa. Mob justice. The anger of the mob stirred up to action. Vigilantes

I have known it for a while. I hate it. It is something that is primeval, and somehow, we have allowed a culture of it to grow in Uganda. The most important reason is the apparent 'ineffectiveness' of the police. Corrupt, ineffectual, bribery prone. A menace. So the citizens take the law into their hands.

This is a 'moral' police style vigilante force. The tabliqs in Uganda are the equivalent of Afghanistan’s Taleban, or maybe the Al Quadae. No. That is not a good development. But possibly we can fight against it with the forces which we do have. Our brains, and of course the laws of the land.

Poor kuchus, they seem to invite the forces of the world against them wheresoever they are. But, we shall overcome. Someday.


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