Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

When I got into work today, I got an sms. A popular radio presenter has apparently been sacked, or suspended because of the fact that he welcomed Victor to his programme. I don’t know how true it is. And I am wondering about that, because it is pretty independent, the station that is.

Yet it is a fact that he welcomed Victor to the programme. And the ‘crew’ as they call themselves, was pretty welcoming and positive. I know there are some stations which Victor has been leaving in tears, because of the hostility from the public and the presenters. But some have been very positive. They allow a debate to go on. They don’t think they should not discuss the taboo subject.

Nsaba Buturo last week talked about one radio presenter and Victor. He cannot hurt Victor personally. But he has indirectly hurt all of us through making Gaetano Kaggwa to lose his Capital FM job. If he has.

But I can think of one positive lining to that cloud. I can. Can we use it?

Meanwhile, I also have to make sure that the state does not squeeze me under its mighty boot. I am pretty nimble. Let me see whether I can slide out from under it.

We shall overcome. Someday.


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gayuganda said...

Ok, so it is official. The broadcasting council did suspend Gaetano. It is not for 'foul' language. That is the technical thing. It was simply because he hosted Victor and was positive about what she was doing. Well, the empire strikes back

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