Friday, August 31, 2007

A Mistake, My Mistake

This morning (30/08/07), I was surfing the net. The blogosphere, as it is called. I got across this nest of blogging Ugandans. I was amused. Not seen too many of my type. I mean my country men and women.

Then I realised that they were discussing homosexuals. The debate that I have been so happy we instigated just a few weeks ago. And I settled down to read. By the end I was incensed. I felt dehumanised. Really angry. They were and are Ugandans. Most likely mid to high income earners, and they did claim to have at least some acquaintances in Uganda who are gay. But they sincerely did not believe that gay Ugandans are human. The humanity seems to stop when a person is defined gay. So, he has a contagious disease. They should come out so that the world knows them. So that they can keep us away from their children.

We are curiosities. We are something that is more than curiosities. We are rare things to be stared at and warn the children about. One said that she will keep her children away from us.

Now, as I write, one of my nephews is looking over my shoulder. He is a bright one. He is in P1, and now his brother comes near. And they are happy being near their uncle. Of course hate is learnt. These kids will not learn to hate me, until they are told to stay away from me. Or they may just as well learn to reject hate. They may say that their uncle is something that they respect. A human being. And they will think that if gay people are like me, then they cannot be bad people. That will be in the future.

I was fuming by the time I finished reading one blog entry. I must say I lashed out in anger. I was so ashamed of what supposed friends actually think about what I am.

But that was some time ago. I have cooled down now.

Dialogue is good. It is what I seek, that people may know more about me, and kind of beat the myths about my sexuality. Horrible hurtful myths. That is why we had the debate. That is why we came out and have started this media campaign. Because we are tired of the closets that seem to be a perennial part of our society.

But then I should not be hurt if there is something wrong with the way that they think. The very myths that I am keen to dismiss are the ones making me rail against these guys.

Ok. That was my mistake.

Have to remember that my strength, our strength does not lie in the numbers. Our strength lies in the rightness of our cause. Cony. But very very true.

So, if you are reading this blog and you are one of those Ugandan bloggers, remember, yes, I was incensed when I left that nasty comment. But it was also because you seem to think that because I am gay I am less than human. I have to tell you that I did not ask for this blessing like I did not ask for my dark skin. But because of the insight that I have into myself, I would not give it back for anything. Being gay is part of me, and it is part of what makes me what I am. It is such an integral part of my makeup that I will no longer satisfy my detractors by wishing it away. I will not act like Senator Craig, recently in the news. I will not be like Pastor Haggard. I am, and will remain gay and proud, a Ugandan.


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gayuganda said...

Its so nice when someone apologises for a mistake nicely. I know that. That does not mean that I follow it. But sometimes I do have to eat humble pie, and have it rubbed in. Here is someone who has forced me to eat it. Great thing, I am anonymous here. Humble pie tastes, ugghhhhhh!

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