Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Loveless Virtue

For 25 years a man lived with his love. In sickness and health, in poverty and riches. Then crippling ill-health struck, and his parents came. They banished the lover from his life- for a child they now claimed their son to be.

For two years the lover fought, till he won- visiting rights but not custody. Quoth the mum, I would rather my son remain sick for good, than he have his lover back. Because he is a homosexual. Check out the comments page too.

The blindness of prejudice-

the willful deception of hate;


Loveless virtue here resides-

in strongly forted forts,

minds unyielding steel,

ugly grey granite walls.

Unbending, unknowable, barren,

not a flower, not a bloom to ever know,

Beware of loveless virtue

gug 14/08/07


Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back, Gug!

And notice (by this posting) that things are tough all over - not only in Uganda.

But inch by inch we're winning!

gayuganda said...

Its actually good being back. I had missed the blogging, and the whining, and the whinging.

And too true, there are problems not only in Uganda, but the world over. In Singapore, gay people cant hold a party. In Nigeria, 18 men are arrested on suspicion of being gay. There is no evidence, but they are remanded, while the police 'look' for evidence!

But we shall win. Inch by inch, we shall win. Sometimes the leaps are huge, like happened in South Africa. We shall win. Because logic is on our side.

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