Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daddy knows!

I feel stupid, a fool! I mean, I have been agonising about telling him about my homosexuality. And when I decided that I would tell the family, I determined, everyone but him!!!

And he shows me he knows in the most touching of ways. He is a man of the world, is my old man. He has seen me live within a stone’s throw of his house all this time, with my lover. And somehow, he figured it out, or was told.

So, when the fracas about homosexuals in Kampala engulfed the city, it was hot on the airwaves. And Nsaba Buturo has been breathing fire, and Sempa the brimstone. So the parent picked up his courage to come tell his son that the police are looking for us!!!!!

I have been blind. Very blind, yet it has always been my hope that they have been reading my hints everywhere. They did, and acted like they had not. Only Mom to tell, if she doesn’t know!


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