Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am a baby.

I am a baby. Well, just human. A guy is a big baby, so I am told. And my lover emphasizes it by always calling me 'baby'.
I crave attention. His attention of course, but I have also found that I get a crave for my cyber buddies. Sometimes I wonder whether or when they are coming online, and writing comments to my blog. Of course it is always the blog.

Internet addiction. A possibility? Maybe. And maybe not.

This morning I had nothing to write. Thought that I would not post at all. Then I got out of the house and looked out into the valley.
I do love the morning. I love that time when it is so clear, and so calm, when the birds are singing and the people are yet to stir. I love it when the sun is just getting up, and the disk is still over the horizon. A beautiful sky, that’s what makes it so good.
I know. I love it when it is heavy and pregnant with rain. I also love it when it is clear and sharp, promising a great day of sunshine. That was what it was today, and I just felt like writing it down.

I wrote, and posted the poem.

And my friends online do not comment! Uh! Why neglect me like that?
Emotional blackmail. That is what I am using on you. Just want you to write me a little something!!!!

Seriously, it was just the poem. There is something about poetry. Sometimes I feel like writing about something. Usually I am disturbed if I have to go the length of setting up the computer. But not so with poetry. I will stop in the middle of the road, and shut out things. I feel that when something comes, or is stirred up, that is the time to write. So I write. Of small things, and big things. Of the dirt on the floor, and a bird in the air.

Yet the fascination with poetry is recent. While at school, I used to shrug it off. No one would get me dead reading a poem. But a novel, that was another thing. I have not yet read the last Harry Potter. That in itself is incredible! I was hooked, and bought all the others. But with the last, I am so immersed in reading poems that I just don’t seem to have the time.
I am a fan. I will read it.

Today, I predicted some rain. Like the weather department does- a ‘40%’ chance of rain in the afternoon. It was not so. Instead the sun has been at it in all its glory. Beautiful. Hot weather, like it is supposed to be. Wisps of cloud in the sky, and now and again, a cooling breeze from the lake, reminding us that it could change in an instant.
But it did not. And now, most likely, the rain will hold off till tomorrow.

Did I say that I love this country?

Ok, yes, I do. I am fascinated by its mercurial weather tantrums. The rain which floods, and the sun that intervenes. And I love walking the hills in rain and sun. Beautiful Uganda indeed. No, I will not call it a pearl. Its just home.



Anonymous said...


i am not so much into poetry. love the smell of the earth after the rain and as for mornings, think that's the part of the day that should be slept through in order to avoid it. i should ask our president if all mornings could be declared public holidays like during elections ((grinning)).

as for harry potter, can't read those books, the movies yes. i wud rather dean koontz... make my heart race in suspense or anticipation.

enjoy your evening, baby.

Anonymous said...

love the evenings, when the sun is setting on the horizon with those magnificent colors all blending into each other...

gayuganda said...

Hi Cindy,

I was just fishing for attention!!!!!
Just being a big baby.

Last night I was out after ten, night. Guys were glued to their TV sets for the Champions League matches, and I was just appreciating how beautiful the night was. Clear, cloudless, with a brilliant half moon. I would sleep outside if it was feasible. Bed, the real magnet there is my mate's warm body!

Anonymous said...

all men are big babies.

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