Thursday, September 13, 2007

I owe you an answer to your Questions. Because you are part of the 95%

I have to answer these questions. They were seriously asked. And as a member of the homosexual minority in Uganda (3%) vs the 95% who disapprove of us, I have to educate the others. We shall never be a majority. We depend on the majority to be educated, and to be conversant of the fact that they are persecuting us when they do certain things.

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GayUganda, Now that the court has agreed to hear some of your cases like those two lesbian ladies who dragged the Attorney General to court alleging that their rights had been violated, is this a sucess to your side.

do you see this as a new twist in demand for your rights?

It is a definate success. Two human beings' privacy was invaded. Because they were gay. Just because of that, the house was broken into, searched, the guest arrested and then humiliated at the police station. When we say we are persecuted because we are gay people ask for proof. So, this is a case where someone got the guts to go to court over the issue. She had broken no law. It was just that she was gay.

I respect who you are.but i doubt wether you were born like that.

Thanks for respecting who I am. I was born this way. I know it. But also science agrees with me. Please read the Wikipedia article on Homosexuality. You dont have any reason to believe me. Except that I am. Your belief or unbelief does not take away my sexuality. I am, and was born gay.

I also don't support police and the public harassing you.
I can assure you that it will take you to climb mt Rwenzori to get your rights.

Thanks for not supporting the harrasment. There you agree that I am a human being. Now, Ssempa was at the court. Why was he there? I leave it to your imagination. I think he believes that the premise that a homosexual's privacy is invaded is something to demonstrate about. That the homosexual does not have the right to privacy.
I am willing to try to climb the Rwenzori. Accepting myself as a human being means standing up to anyone who thinks I have to be persecuted. Even when I am in a minority of 3%

Any way let me ask you.
Do you have kids?

No, I dont have kids. For all these answers I am going to link back to a post that further explains the answer to the question.

do you play sex for fun or with a purpase?

Well, I talk so much about having sex that I will link back to one or two posts. Enjoy! Yes, before you ask, I do love him.

what really makes you have feeling for your fellow men yet there are women there.

You know, that is something that I have always asked myself. When I look at a woman, I do not feel stirred. When I look at a good looking man, I am. It is not that I cannot get women. It is that they do not do that for me. I am sexually attracted to men, not women. And I am a man. Look at this post
And also at this one. My gay identity.

when did you realise that you were a gay?
what did you do when you learnt that you were a gay?

Gosh, somethings are tough to talk about. But look at this post, it is the same as the one above.

is your family aware that you are a gay?

Yes, thanks be to a god I do not know that they know. I could not tell them. But I lived in such a way that they could pick it up. And they did.

Is there any thing we can do to help you ?
I can get for you at caunsellor to help you.

Yes, you can do something for me. Please, dont ask a gay person to get a cousellor for his or her gayness. They are not sick. And you are going to make them hurt. Please.
Yes, you are a member of the 95%. Know that we are. Know that we are human beings. Know that we are normal. Oh yes, we are. We do have some special problems. We can tackle them ourselves, but not if you are so keen on throwing us in prison. STOP PERSECUTING US.
That is all we ask. You may not like us, please do not actively persecute us.

How many boyfriends do you have?

Only one boyfriend. I no longer call him boyfriend. We are way past that stage. Check out this post.

is being a gay likely to increase AIDS infection rate in Uganda.

No, definately not.
Gay people have always been here, in Uganda. They are more susceptible to HIV than heterosexuals. They have also been more infected. But that is because there is no programme for HIV prevention in the gay communities in Uganda. Paradoxically, to lower the HIV prevalence in the whole of Uganda now, we have to target this vulnerable group. Which we have not been targeting. And we have to reasses our priorities.

is it possible for you gays to use condoms?

Definately! We have the same organs. But there are some things which change. I will not go into those.

Where are you guys getting money to organise those activities?

Gosh, has Ssempa convinced you that it is the money coming from out that is making us gay? No or yes?
I must say that for me to blog here I am using my own money. For the connection and other things. And something else, the lack of an HIV programme is such a glaring hole that I can get money that way. The same way that Ssempa gets money for his Abstinence campaigns. Does that answer your question?

Can any any one become a gay at an adult age?

One is born gay. You may not realise it at first, but when you do, then you know. Sexual orientation is a very interesting subject. Read up this post. Many gay people get married thinking that it is a phase that will pass. And then later they find that they are just not confortable. And when one is gay, you are gay for life. Dont mess yourself up by trying to change.

.let the debate continue...

True, let the debate continue.....

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The 27th Comrade said...

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