Friday, September 28, 2007

Poem for Cindy

This poem is for Cindy. At least with you I do not risk mis-understanding, do I? Gerald has snubbed me, for now!

Of the poem, just one of those things. I was looking out over the valley where I live. Somethings have come up and I find that my income may be compromised. (Possibly 'Red rug' fall out, outed, but what the hell!). This poem came to mind, and I penned it down, and named it 'Perception'. For some reason I felt like sharing it with you.

So, I did. Or I do now. Impulsive sometimes.


I am old;

but age is a perception,

I am weak;

but weakness is a lie,

I am strong,

yet strength's a mirage.

(c) GayUganda 28 Sep. 2007


The 27th Comrade said...

Heh. :o) You mean Gerald thought that poem was a ... (for lack of a better word) a ... message? Hahahaha.

Funny. But I have realised I watch myself a lot when I am posting here, so that the chance of anyone misunderstanding is very reduced. But that was in the beginning.
These days, I just go off at the mouth with any cheesy idiom I may have in my head. If it is misinterpreted, well ... to bed with whoever does.

Ah, now see that above? It was my way of saying `Fuck whoever does'. But it could easily pass for a sexual reference. That's the kind of thing that makes my stays at your blog a bit ... tense. And no telling what will happen when I am found reading it. But, again, who gives a damn?

Funny, you know, I can't seem to remember the face from the BHH meet. :o)

gayuganda said...


you understand a bit why I did not show myself. Too much consciousness of my sexuality. Too much potential for adverse reactions. It is a bit too early for the bloggers. Maybe later, when they realy believe I am a human, instead of a subhuman, uh?

I aimed to be un-noticeable. But you did spot me. Good that you dont remember. You wont have to tell someone inadvertently who I am.

I will come out, but not at the moment.

For Gerald, I was creatively interpreting his deafening silence.


The 27th Comrade said...

And to think the seat I told you was reserved was, in fact, reserved for you ... :o)

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooh gug, a poem just for me. i just might fall for you and then what? can i draw you to our side, the dark side? (too much star wars)

i've actually just seen the poem, thanks ((blushing)).

gayuganda said...

Thanks mate!

I noticed it did stay empty to the end.

Oscar Wilde made a comment about 'ships meeting' on life's ocean; we shall meet, no worries. Was just too early for that.


gayuganda said...

Now now Cindy,

I did guess that you had not seen it before!

No, don't go all soft for me. Bad idea! Y'know why.

Glad I have made you blush this morning.


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