Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Morning in Kampala

It's a cold day out. Very cold. So cold that my lover tells me he has never felt it so cold. I wanted to tell him we better go to bed then. Then I would be able to hold him close to my body, skin to skin. To banish the cold and make the warmth of the beddings a boon. To rub my nose against his, drink in his warm breath and his glowing body heat.

But he needs to go work. And so do I.

Un-seasonal cold in Kampala. The rain clouds do not seem to want to leave the skies. It is supposed to be the dry season. But day after day the sun is hidden behind clouds. It peeps out, like a brilliant smile from a loved one's face. Lighting up the world around like a torch beam on a moonless night. Bright, almost blinding in its whiteness. This is Europe weather, not Ugandan.

I have been railing against those who do not want me in this country. I love it so much that I feel chagrined at the thought of someone wanting to deny my birthright because I am what I am. No, it is my birthright. And if I need to push and shove for it, I will do my little best.

Its calm now in the papers. Not so much gay bashing. There is an interesting article in the Monitor. Someone is giving the scientific reasons for why I and others are different. Funny. It is only the opposition paper which can publish this. And this kind of impartial scientific opinion will make Nsaba Buturo more determined to shut it down. Because it is 'homo-loving'!

I choose love, over hate;
I choose love, banish indifference;
I choose love,
to suffer love's birthing pains-
than hate's corroding power,
or indifference's sterile desert.
I choose love!

Love's my choice, over hate;
Love's my choice, not indifference;
Love's my choice,
despite love's bursting heartache,
than hate's corrosive strength,
and the sterility of indifference's desert.
Love's my choice!

© Gug, 04/09/07


Iwaya said...

The more I read the snippets on your day to day life...the more I'm convinced that your best shot at making people so initially opposed to you is by showing them in your mundane daily life, as these posts show, that you are like them will win them over.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Iwaya.

I guess I am kind of seeing it in my life. People know now, or some suspect, that I am gay. And it is like, after the initial shock of the revelation, just because I am still the same person I was before, they are tending to the, what the hell is the rage about- kind of thinking.

Of course, before I had not roused their suspicions. The only difference is that they suspect now. And they did not before.

Crazy world. Snippets of my gay world showing how normal I am! Someone said those who hate homosexuals tend to be people who dont personaly know of a homosexual. Guess it works for me.

Thanks again, Iwaya


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