Friday, September 7, 2007

Breaking the Law

Every time I have sex, I break the law. I do not rape anyone. I do not force anyone. The guy I do it with loves me. And I love him. And we do it willingly, and we do love the sex.

Yet we break the law.

Should we agonise about that fact? We Ugandans are all very good at ignoring the law, when we want it. Yet it is funny how much we believe in the government making more and more laws, and enforcing them. For example, Nsaba Buturo's contention was that the law was weak, that it needed to be strengthened.

Making love with my lover, I risk life imprisonment at Luzira. That is a sobering thought. Yet I break that law cheerfully, not thinking about the consequences. But a moralist will say that I need to go to prison for life. To make sure that the morals of the country are not destroyed by my immorality. So, maybe he will suggest that someone sleeps under my bed so that it is known when I break the law, with my lover. Is there any law as stupid as that? Policing what I do in bed with my lover? Heaven help me, but I do not think there is.

Today, I woke up later than usual. Wanted to watch the morning. It was already light by the time I got to the veranda to look out over the valley. Beautiful country that we have. When I woke it was drizzling, a light dusting of rain and water on the morning grass. Not so cold, but bracing. Now the sun is out, and a golden colour has suffused the air. It is clear. I can almost see each ray of the sun to the east. Lancing through the trees of my neighbour's garden.

I love this beautiful garden country. Uganda.

My lover called me back to bed. He wanted sex. Funny, he called me, and I was conflicted. I love the early mornings. And it was particularly beautiful. But he wanted sex. I obliged. And I am happy that I obliged, I mean, I love the guy, and there is nothing like sex in the morning, bracing, invigorating, and the post sex relaxation is beautiful. He is sleeping now. Will laugh when he wakes up, because it will definitely be past ten!

Breaking the law? No, the law was made for man, and not man for the law (as one very wise teacher said). I will break it very gladly, again and again, as often as I can.



Anonymous said...

You seem like a wonderful person, you write in such a thrilling sensual way. I don't accept your sexual orientation, especially that u were born that way and believe it is not natural. God created us a certain way and I am sure you have heard all of this before.

I pray that one day you get to know Jesus and accept him into your life.

God bless you and guide you always.

gayuganda said...

Dear Cinderella,

I have to 'convince' you. That is my problem. Despite what many people say, we homos will never take over the country. We are very few, just about 3% of the population. We may not have a problem with what we are. But when you the majority insist that we are so bad that we need to be in prison, we despair.

You commend me to god. I 'lost' my faith. This was when I found that I could not believe that a god was so cruel to make me what I am, and then say that I was evil. And tell the rest of his children to persecute me in Church and in demonstrations. I could not give any allegiance to such a god.

Yet my partner believes. He is a Christian. He believes strongly, fiercely. He says you guys must be wrong. He knows a loving god who does not reject him because he made him that way. Maybe I will get to know my partner's god. Maybe.

But for sure I will never understand Pastor Ssempa's god. And I choose to reject that god!

Cinderella, do not break my heart. I need you to stop persecuting me.
Yes. Do not condemn me because I was not made into the majority of Ugandans. I cannot control what you believe. You think I am not what your god made me. But he is your god, not my god. Why do you judge me by your god? Why am I not natural? I am what my parents produced. Why is that un-natural?

Dont condemn me. Not with indiffference, because you are not me. Not with hostility and stones, I cannot change what I am. I need you to know that I am a human being, despite my difference from you. I am a Ugandan who is gay.


Anonymous said...

I don't hate you and definately don't think you should be in prison for your sexual preferance. I would never throw stones at you, I have also done many wrong things and will continue doing so, not intentionally, asking God for forgiveness and trying to learn from them.

God does not tell Christians to do that, persecute you. I will accept you and love you as you but never accept what you do. Does that make sense?

I don't know what you have been through and what has shaped you to be who you are so I do not sit in judgement but man was made for woman and vice versa. That is a fact of life.

I know you are human and do respect you as a human.

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