Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Red Pepper, Again.

I have just read the Red Pepper. The Red Chilli, as one joker called it. Of course I had to read it, but I had determined not to buy the paper. It is a joke. A bad joke, and the fact that I cannot seem to ignore its bad jokes is galling!

My lover saved me the struggle. He bought it, and left it still pinned in the living room. Eye catching headline, '20 Top City Lesbians Named and Shamed'. And inside, Part 3 of the Weird Sex Investigation SeriesHomo Terror!

I read it, and started laughing. It is so stupid that it is hilarious. This is a rug, not worth the paper it is written on. They seem to have checked out the ‘Gay Uganda’ website, for some information about Kabaka (King) Mwanga being gay. Curiously, this bombshell was actually dropped by Ssempa, when he wanted to prove that ‘state sponsored homosexuality’ was a bad thing. He stated that homosexuality was in Buganda, Uganda before the coming of Christianity. (New Vision, Martyrs day 03/06/2006). Talk about shooting one’s self in the mouth- Ssempa has this amazing capacity.

Imagine, hard as it may be to believe, Kabaka Mwanga was gay, and when the martyrs denied his advances, he killed them. As was his right as a demi-god!

Red rug presents this as new information.

And then goes on to say that we are sponsored by a world wide organisation called LGBT with headquarters in all continents. That is where I started laughing. The rest of the article is so much bull shit, that I could not imagine it was written. And people spend money on this shit? And they believe the Red Rug?

Apparently, LGBT is funding us. And they go ahead and list the monies we are supposed to have got. How lucky we are!

(To the un-inititiated, LGBT is what we call ourselves. Representing the diversity of human sexualities. Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, Trangender. They forgot one letter, I for Intersex.)

Some girls are named as gay. As are some more guys. Names, description, place of residence etc. And then they have the gal to say that the Red rug is helping the Tabliq anti-gay squad to find the homosexuals who they did not know.

Irresponsible journalism. Again they will move on, and we shall pay the consequences.

Kuchus are actually very angry. It is a measure of our helplessness that this rug has not been dragged to court as yet.

But we shall go on. We shall win, because we are on the side of truth. I have never been so sure of that. I do have a martyr’s complex. Not the Osama Bin Laden type. But I am so convinced of the rightness of my cause that the stupidity of things done in the name of ‘morality’ just makes me more determined. Nsaba Buturo and Ssempa will go ahead enlisting the likes of Red rug as allies in their fight against homosexuals. But we will win. Because we are human beings, and what we put across is the truth. And because we are betting with our lives. Our very lives, and nothing is more precious than that.

We shall overcome. Someday.



The 27th Comrade said...

So you are in charge of that other GeoCities page?
Just when I thought only the SMUG website was the only spot for you and your friends ...

Also, the Red Pepper is not journalism. You're grouping the RP along with other people who actually bother to think about what they are writing? That insults journalists. The RP doesn't do journalism.

Now, I like to think that my brand of hating is different from that of them Tabliq guys who want to kill you. I mean ... like I have said before, if the homophobes don't behave themselves, I will just start my own hating group, where we bother to listen to the opposite side, and be ready to rethink our anger. :o)

Anyway, I hate that blind hate as much as I hate gay activism, so ... It's a weird spot. :o) But keep talking. You never know, someday, I may accept the differences. (Seeing as I wouldn't like to be oppressed just because I like older women, which is also a major difference.)

gayuganda said...

Wow, 27th

Hate? Why hate? Personally I prefer love. I have a suspicion that you dont realy hate me. Hate is too impersonal, too directed. It is like love, the darker opposite. Personally I prefer love's misguided passion to the illogic of hate.
And, 27th, you are too logical in your 'hatred'. I would rather deal with you any day than the likes of Ssempa.

Why do you hate us organising? We are a persecuted minority. If there is something the 1st comrade has taught Ugandans, it is the fact that when we get together and organise, that is when we will solve our problems. We are a minority. We need to come up and say, enough is enough. Why are you so unhappy about that?

Check out the comment from Tetue on 'I resist'. You will understand a bit on where we are coming from. And why it is necessary to call up comrades to begin another bush war.

No, we are not going to 'convert' you. That is not realy possible.

What we do want is not to be in fear of our lives just because we are gay. We are Ugandans, and we are demanding for the rights that you as a Ugandan takes for granted.


Anonymous said...


Just discovered you blog. Will try and catch up on all your entries.

Bigotry and ignorance are a toxic mix. You have rights, just like all human beings. Do your thing, do your thing.

Love and Peace


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder: Kabaka Mwánga also had 85 wives of his own -- in fact, when he became Kabaka at the age of 18, he had intended to become a Christian until he learned that Christianity required monogamy!

Quite a guy! And rather notably bi- (as in lgBt)...

In America, by the way, we often add a "Q" for "Questioning": LGBTQ.

gayuganda said...

85 women! Plus all the men in the kingdom that he desired!

Talk of Bi-heaven!

And the world is amazed when the last? absolute king Mswati adds a 13th wife. By the way, those people who are campaigning against cross-generational sex should hang him.

Oh, he cannot be hanged. He is a demigod in his country.

Anyway, back to the point. There was homosexual behavior, and bisexual in Buganda, in Uganda, in Africa, even before the coming of Christianity. So why do Mwanga's ancestors so vehemently condemn me in the name of this foreign import?

Gosh, I have offended more Christians now. Not intended. Really!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gag?

Red Pepper is a trashy... don't even know if I shold call it a newspaper... thing that loves to make money out of people's secrets and causing embarassment and misery.

One of these days, life will turn around on them and their secrets shall be revealed in such a public way and we'll see how they feel about that!


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