Sunday, September 30, 2007

Myanmar, Burma

In Burma, Myanmar, they call it now. A people’s revolution? A military dictatorship, for 45 years. Cannot imagine that misery. Amin, Lutwa, Okello, those are more than enough for me, for my lifetime. Yet I am not to die tomorrow, so more I will see.

I was thinking of the people in Burma, and those in Tiananmen’s Square, of guns shooting into crowds, of tanks running over human flesh. Sad.

GW. Bush said Saddam Hussein had killed all the Mandelas in Iraq. Mandelas. But these sung heroes need companion unsung heroes. Let’s remember these unsung heroes.

Once in a while,

the extreme darkness lifts,

and life tosses up a,

de Klerk, Gorbachev;

not unlike the Mandelas;

fair men that turn the tide,

to sanity from madness,

though unfated they are-

Abubakar of Nigeria, Zhao Ziyang;

men from the cloth of iron

that a heart of flesh show,

light in a darkness shine.

©GayUganda 29 Sept. 2007

May one such rise up amongst the generals of Myanmar, may Burma know peace and freedom in my time.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Gug, your poetry is getting better!

gayuganda said...



Free Burma,

that is a worthwhile cause. Reminds me of the fact that evil is many times because men who are not evil do nothing about it.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

never actually experienced dictatorship but i'm imagining 45 years of amin and tis not a pretty sight, we would probably have a shell of a country and most likely half of our population would be non exitant by now.

would one call gaddafi a dictator?

i'm surprised 27th hasn't yet commented on this.

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