Monday, September 10, 2007

The effect of 'gay' slurs. Only a joke?

This is fascinating. I was whizzing through my Google Reader and I came across this interesting article, a preview of a book, an autobiography by a famous footballer.

The guy is straight. Yet the effect of the taunting about his sexuality was terrible. Fascinating reading. Read the article.

How gay slurs almost wrecked my career

Exclusive extracts from his autobiography reveals that taunts over his sexuality, which began as a dressing-room joke, nearly drove him out of the game


The 27th Comrade said...

Okay, okay. Point taken. Not like I know any slurs in the first place. Until recently, I didn't know some people considered `homo' a slur.

gayuganda said...

Know what comrade, I suspect that you are a good man.

I was just wondering, what would Ssempa's reaction be? I bet it would be a sermon, lasting an hour long,the summary running like this. 'I am doing it for your own good.'

I hope I did not scare off Cinderella. On looking back, I think I may have been too intense. Sometimes the realisation that you have been unconsciously hurting another can be overwhelming, especially to a conscientious person

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