Sunday, September 2, 2007

Is this genocide?

I am not willing to think the worst of people. My partner does. At the drop of the hat he will consider someone an enemy. Very combative he is. I am the other way. I still consider that Nsaba Buturo is just one of those believers who are adamantly anti-homosexual. And though I am a bit leery of Ssempa's brand of populist homophobia, I think he is someone in denial. (Someone actually attacked him on a radio talk show.) If he is, it is very sad. Historically we have been hurt a lot by those who are gays in denial. We have been hurt a lot. Think of McCarthy, and Craig who has just resigned.

Yet, if I take into mind these few facts I really wonder whether those who insist that there is a homosexual agenda do have a homophobia agenda. And that that agenda is genocide in Uganda.

Consider this.

Ssempa is an HIV activist, who has been awarded an MSc and a honorary PhD. Albeit there are because of his work on promoting Abstinence. But how can he say something like this-

"Homosexuals should absolutely not be included in Uganda's HIV/AIDS framework. It is a crime, and when you are trying to stamp out a crime you don't include it in your programmes," Ssempa said. "For instance, the solution to stopping HIV transmission through rape is not to provide the rapists with condoms, but to stop rape itself."

Is that really logical? Is it logical to be against an HIV prevention programme against one of the most vulnerable populations to HIV infection? The history of HIV is thick with the suffering of gay men. What is Ssempa really saying here?

Nsaba Buturo is a PhD in economics too. He is consistent in his promotion of ‘family values’ though the media in Uganda is leery because they do not seem to include corruption which is more of a pressing problem.

This guy has used his post as a Minister to oppose, vehemently any programme on HIV prevention. It was due to this that the Country Representative of UNAIDS was thrown out of the country.

Considering the fact that 27 years since the beginning of this epidemic the country has not had an HIV prevention programme, what has been the unseen effect on gay Ugandan men? How many have got HIV? How many have died? Are the homophobes consciously letting an unnatural selection against gay men take place in Uganda? Genocide, using the HIV virus?

Is this genocide pre-meditated?

I am beginning to think that it is. Am I just being paranoid?



Iwaya said...

Totally unrelated...this is about your Time Off for Some Good Loving (hope I got that right)...have you ever read James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room or Thomas Mann's Death in Venice or Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray? Your post just put me in the mood to read those gems again.

gayuganda said...

No way, Iwaya!
you are stroking my ego. Those are classics, gems as you say. Wish I could write like that.
And totally related to that, how many of those you've cited were gay? Is there anything in a so called gay 'arts'gene? Ok, I am allowed to dream, am I not? That my gay genes give me that advantage!!!!!!!!
But you did not answer my question, it was serious. Is this genocide? Do these guys sincerely hope that we gay Ugandans die so that only the straight remain in UGanda? Are they intentionally denying us HIV prevention services?
I am seriously considering it, because there seems to be too much evidence for me to throw it out of hand. I have heard Ssempa debate. He is totally stupid, I agree, but he is still a very useful anti-gay weapon.

Mark Olmsted said...

There are two types of genocide. Pre-meditated, in which the intent is there before action, and passive, in which nothing is done to prevent the deaths of a population, which are considered not a great loss. I think this is the latter kind, and no less reprehensible, if much harder to fight. It's much easier for the perpetrators to justify in their mind. They did not start AIDS, they just are willing for it to kill selectively by targeted inaction.
I also personally believe homophobia to actually be a form of misogyny. What is hated about homosexuals is our perceived weakness, how we supposedly resemble women. To fight homophobia, fight the devaluation of woman.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Marc,

an interesting way of looking at it. Always wondered why, certainly in Uganda, the perception of gay vs lesbian sex was so different.

Will think about it.


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