Monday, September 3, 2007

Nothing like a Gay Ugandan

For Minister Nsaba Buturo, a gay person has no human rights. There is nothing like a gay Ugandan. Because such an entity does not exist, and it will be refused to exist.

'Apologists are quick to quote international conventions and claim individual freedoms and rights, throwing away basic tenets of decency,' he said.

And it seems nothing is too bad to stop people from getting the mess of homosexuality. Show hosts should lose jobs, and any media houses should be closed down.

One thing I am amazed at. The fact that a rational human being can be so hate ridden that he sincerely does not see the holes in his thinking. This guy is a PhD. I keep talking about that. But you see, I am a Ugandan. And we are obsessed with academic qualifications.

It seems morality without condemning homosexuality to him is not morality. So, he hits out at us, and hits out, and hits out, and hits out. And the obsession is so big that only himself does not seem to see the log in his eye.

God help Nsaba Buturo in his hatred. And those who think like him.


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