Monday, September 24, 2007

A Poem for Gerald

A poem dedicated to Gerald. Inspired by his account of the loss of his sister.

I read his account in the morning. Was moved. Thought about it enough to leave a note on his post. Then later, I was seated in my compound. 3 of my nephews were playing around. I thought of their world, as they see it. I thought of Gerald, and, well, the poem came out. Just like that.

When I was young,
the world seemed strange, beautiful,
a never ending amusement park,
of laughter ‘n play, joy ‘n peace;
the world- shielded by parents’ love,
cushioned by lesser understanding
past hunger and thirst,
mum’s smile, Daddy’s great laugh;
that’s the world as is-
garden of beauty, Eden revisited,
for young and old, poor and rich,
and yourself too.

May you know the world of love,
in good and bad, gain and loss;
in pleasure and pain-
may you know love.

© GayUganda 22 Sep. 07


Anonymous said...

like the poem... sometimes i wish i could go back to those. when i was much younger, i always used to tell my mom that i couldn't wait to be an adult and have the freedom to do what i want but she used to say it comes with a lot of responsibility and people's expectations of you. i now see her point and i did enjoy my childhood.

one bit of beef with the poem, why is mom started with a small letter and dad with a capital?

gayuganda said...

Hi Cindy,

Tell you a secret, I dont know why! Started off as a typo, then when I read it like so it just seemed more appropriate.

Funny thing is, I dont even remember Dad laughing. Mum did.

No, it is not because of the whole 'man/woman' culture thing. It just seemed appropriate that way.

gayuganda said...

er.. Cindy,

something that I've just thought of-
You dont think Gerald will think I'm hitting on him?

Y'know, me being gay and all...

I don't know him, but you know, when I used to write poems and give them to girls, they'd think I wanted something more...

You dont think he's er.. insulted??

Anonymous said...

lol...gug. some more lol...

i hadn't even thought about that but he just might. naye, nah, he'll probably take in good faith.

oh my goodness you have made me laugh today morning, peeps in the office are wondering if i'm feeling ok.

have a good day, baby.

gayuganda said...


Thanks Cindy.

Taken a load off my mind. At least I will hope that he takes it as a joke!

In hopeful anticipation...

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