Thursday, September 27, 2007


Saturday, I was at work. Saw this early edition of the Monitor Newspaper, Sunday Monitor that is. I flipped through it, got to an article, Saggy Campaigns for Gay Rights. I was apprehensive when I started reading it. I was howling with laughter by the end. Hilarious.

I sent an email, from my gayuganda address, lauding Saggy’s humour. And today, I found a reply. Curious I opened it. Its not usual to have a letter to the editor replied. There were only 3 words in the message, plus the name of the sender. 3 cryptic words, that made me stop to think.

‘I pity you.’ The gentleman wrote back.

I was puzzled. I went back to the original Saggy article. Had I misunderstood it? Satire, Saggy style. Cutting, blunt, very much to the point. And hilarious. No, I don’t think I misunderstood that article.

So, why was I to be pitied?

It was later that I realised, maybe the gentleman was pitying me because of my frank gay address? Possible.

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed most likely.

Now, I certainly do not think I should be pitied. Well, I am gay, that is true. But that is like saying I am black. A fact. Should I be pitied because I am an African? Not really. So, why was the gentleman pitying me?

The more I thought about it, the more puzzled I became.

Then it came to me, the gentleman truly wanted to help me. He could not give me much, but he felt that his emotion of pity would suffice. He would write to me, and give that to me. He would express his piteous thoughts on my being a gay Ugandan.

I wanted to write back and thank him for the pity.

But I thought that would not be appropriate. This guy was wasting an emotion which was truly valuable to him. I needed to do something about it.

I mean, he was wasting pity on me? Why should I be pitied because I am gay? Why should I be pitied beyond any other Ugandan? Sincerely, I could only feel pity for him. For wasting it on me.

So I wrote back, as briefly, as succinctly.

I replied, ‘Poor you.’


The 27th Comrade said...

I think I saw you at the Hour. In a cap, pulled over your eyes, right?

I very nearly went over to say `Hi, we are seated over there.' But, I figured you wanted to keep the distance.

gayuganda said...

So you mean, even 'incognito' I cannot hide?

Or do you know me? You know, more people know Jack Nobody than Jack Nobody knows.

So, who were you? White cap, red T, black trou? Saw the interest in me, figured I'd been fingured.
But y'know, when I came in, figured that was the group, asked white cap for the seat next to him and he told me it was reserved. So I grabbed a chair, planted myself within earshot and played with my bottle.

It was later that i got bored, moved off for a better view than the back of my head has, and noticed white cap's interest.

Was it ok? the BHH? Looked like a cosy group. Didnt want make some throw up in my face. Would have spoilt the party.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... you went. interesting.

gayuganda said...

Guilty, Cindy.

I went, after actually saying I wouldnt go!

I went, but did not introduce myself. Though the party I saw, and apparently was noticed noticing.

Why did I go? The curiosity, which decreased the cat's nine lives. But girl, no risk, no gain.

What did I gain? Just the chance to brag to the rest that, yeah, I was there!

Cool, uh?

Gay Nairobi Man said...

You went!! You have bigger balls(Pun intended) than I thought.

I hope it will not lead to trouble. I have shunned invitations to Nairobi blogger meet ups.

Good on you!
PS I read the saggy article and thought it was hilarious. Am surprised at the reply though

gayuganda said...


Wasnt Saggy who commented. Someone else had the pity. Not Saggy.

danzer1986 said...


gayuganda said...

Hi Danzer,


How is the Carribean? Looks cool from your end of it, sister!


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