Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloggers Happy Hour

27th has invited me to the Ugandan bloggers’ happy hour. Its today.
Frankly, I am apprehensive. If I go, I have the option of not saying I am gay. So, I just go and gawk at all these nerds. They don’t know me, and I don’t know them. But they know that I may be there. Well, I am nervous.

27th has offered to leave his gun home. He is the only revolutionary, so the others don’t carry guns. But what if Manuel comes, and sees me in the flesh? Wonder what he will do? Dare I out myself like that?
I mean, I am out, but only to those who know me, and while none has offered to help me to heaven, others have offered quite a bit of disdain.

Decision time.

I have been thinking a lot of this, and of course I started thinking of what the other guys and girls are thinking about me being at their happy hour. Only natural that a poem slid into my fingers-

Gay man's coming to dinner !

a homo's coming to dinner,
to converse and talk, laugh and share;
what d' y' all expect?

a devil dressed in black;
the antlered horns for now hidden,
a deadly dark face shaded,
by blacker than black robes;
hanging menacing to the floor.

Now and then we'll note,
the flick of a tail,
armoured with a sting,
as the tail robes adjust
before our horrified eyes.

expect not,
a human being, a normal man;
(or woman is it?)
eats the same, speaks the same,
same dark skin, flash of white teeth;
nervous laughter constraining.

a human being normal,
same human laughter, similar salty tears;
red blood in dark skin pulsing,
similar to us all:

a gay man's to dinner coming!

( (c) GayUganda 26/09/07)

What do you think? I am also nervous to say the least. Should I ask 27th to come with the gun, to protect me?


The 27th Comrade said...

Heh. This will be the second time I am knowingly within the same bar as a gay guy. Once, it was in Wandegs. This time, it will be Mateo's.

gayuganda said...

Now, now, comrade,

Remember the point of uncertainty?

By the way, I often frequent Mateo's. And gay Ugandans are everywhere. Just that you are not usually aware that we are there.

(shhhh, even your best friends may be gay and laugh as you bash gays.)

But that element of knowledge. If you know, what will you do? Reject me? Laugh it off? Take out the gun?

Or will you defend me if another takes out a gun? I mean, you may just say, oh, the guy looked at him in a funny way, it was understandable. He is gay!


Anonymous said...

don't go.

Tandra said...

this is interesting.... we go! we go! BHH we go!

gayuganda said...

Hi Cindy,

thanks. I have not yet decided to go. I know, the risks are considerable. So I might, or might not be there.

welcome tandra


gayuganda said...

Hi ladies and gents.

this is big brother, the gay man.

After due consideration, and weighing all possibilities, I have decided to give the BHH a miss.

Sorry, people, but it is too risky for me. I would like to see you and put a face to the names and share a few with you, but it is bloody too risky for me.

Have a good time.


Gay Nairobi Man said...

Good decision,

Dont expose yourself to anyone till you understand their intentions. Keep your sexuality on a need to know basis.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, you expose yourself only when you've wised up and become more natural.

gayuganda said...

Hi neighbor,

thanks. I guessed it would be for the best.

Hi Alfonso, welcome to my blog. Natural? Problem maybe with how you define that. I think I am natural. But thanks for you opinion.

The 27th Comrade said...

Argh. I hadn't seen this.

Okay, so you gave it a miss. I don't know, I see lots of paranoia in the comments above, from your friends. I don't know, maybe you people misunderstand us the way we misunderstand you.
I don't know if you've heard of any homophobic incident here. Have you? They are generally known, the gays, but Nsaba-Buturo is one. :o( Sad, you missed. We had a blast.

gayuganda said...

27th, Hadnt seen this also!

But wont delete the other one.

I dont think we misunderstand you. We are so much a part of you that we understand how you will react. Many times.

Just think of Manuel, and Alfonso above. I know you'd probably be cool. You were.

And yes, have had homophobic incidents. Even having to bribe someone from prison because he was accused of being a homo- someone took the admiration not as a complement!

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