Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Independence Day for my American friends.

Happy Independence.

Funny how culture, times and places differ with the significance of days. I am not from Zimbabwe, but I can imagine, for a Zimbabwean, what Independence Day would mean at this particular moment. Mugabe is the supposed Independence Day hero. Kind of like if George Washington had not rejected a third term of presidency.

Correction. Mugabe is the Independence day hero in Zimbabwe. A leader that fought against the subjugation of his race under a colonial and racist regime, was imprisoned, and went ahead to lead his people after they were free.

But the corruption of power overwhelmed him, and we are where we are at the moment.

In Uganda, we seem to be on the same path, unfortunately. Independence Day seems to have much more significance for members of the ruling party.

What is patriotism?

An ideal that has little meaning for me as an African, a Ugandan. It seems like it is a convenient bludgeon to wield at certain times, to weed out the person who is different. So, because I am gay, I am ‘un-African’, with a ‘foreigner’s vice’ that I have embraced. At other times, we hear that Museveni is not Ugandan, and that certain tribes are not Ugandan, or Kenyan enough. Remember the xenophobic riots in South Africa this year?

Loyalty is to the family, and the clan, and the tribe first. The country comes a distant fourth, most of the time! Anyone can be a foreigner. So, what is patriotism?

The day is overcast here. Has been, the last couple of days.

The sun is not so hot, the winds are not so fierce. Though the dust is on the road, it is preparing to rain. And soon. One of those sudden, overwhelming thunderstorms. Hope it is night, and I am in bed when it happens! Nothing like holding my love in my arms as the rain falls. Yes, those who are out at that moment have it rough, but- that is bloody life.

One of those things. The pregnant man was delivered of a baby girl. Wow!

Kudos to him. Just missed being an Independence Day baby.

Happy Independence Day to Americans. And to all and sundry, enjoy the day.



DeTamble said...

Flying in for Firsts!!

DeTamble said...

Yes GUG, because you are gay, you are not African.
And because I don't eat lamb I am not Australian.

gayuganda said...

So you dont eat lamb sis?

[evil grin] I know what to cook for you when you visit. Just hope it makes you throw up!

And, you are one in a trillion sis. Have you seen how many people come to your blog post about the threesome and leave without posting anything!!!!
I am afraid my wicked advice has lost you friends! Wicked guggy!!! Wicked, wicked, wicked. Oh god!

DeTamble said...

I do eat it, like once every five years, which is about how often I throw up too. Try me!

I just hate the taste!!

I don't know where to look to see how many people have read that post... You naughty boy. No matter, they'll be back! :P

gayuganda said...


you put in the wiki. That thing which shows the traffic onto your blog. Very good, I must say. And I just watched people fly in and off without commenting, which of course was comment enough.

Dont worry. Ugandans are prudes. But you even shocked WildeY which does count for something. Can you believe Princess's reaction? I cannot. Otherwise I will be forced to believe she has grown way since she started blogging...

DeTamble said...

I think you seriously underestimate our littlest sister. Maybe you should spend more time with her, I think you might be a little surprised.

DeTamble said...

Also I failed to mention that I'm rather like a rubbish bin, food wise. I eat pretty much everything and anything I can get my hands on. Provided it's free and the mould's been scraped off.

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