Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gays Out!!!!

I had not seen this.

Apparently, the Anglicans in Kenya are excluding homosexuals. WildeY, I am not conversant with your faith or lack thereof. What is your stand on this, you self confessed homosexual?

Gay Anglicans in Kenya Forbidden to Attend Church
Other Sheep East Africa eNews this morning reprinted excerpts from a July 3rd article in the Nairobi Star....

The Anglican Church of Kenya now wants to stop gays attending church.

Gays and lesbians will not join the Anglican congregations anymore...unless they renounce their sexuality.

Eldoret Dioceses Anglican Bishop Thomas Kogo yesterday said the church had decided to forbid homosexuals from going to their churches if they could not repent and stick to biblical teachings.

He said: "We have no choice about this. Those who want to practice lesbianism or be gays must stand aside and let those of us who respect the biblical teachings continue with our work."

Bolton, dont take this badly. You know, from what these good guys say here, it is very, very clear that we are not welcome in Church. So when they come to the west and start saying politically correct things like they still think we can be Christians, very few of us believe them. They simply want us in prison.

Er, and this one is for Bolton. This guy Giles Fraser seems to have no problem with straight speaking. And taking on the homophobes! Wasnt he the one who wrote the other article about it not being a case of ideological differences, but of power? He wades into the controversy again, and he is amusing!

No, different guy.

But he also gives a very interesting history of Anglicanism. And of religious tolerance.

Why isnt Ronan Williams calling Akinola to account? I dont know, and cant judge on that. Seems as if it is something which I will try to puzzle out.

Is like Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Mugabe. Again the same softly, softly approach which allows a bully to go on doing the bullying. Oh, my history lessons. The British Prime Minister who was appeasing Hitler... Same approach, isnt it?

Food for thought, food for thought.



spiralx said...

John Setamu (the guy who cut off his dog collar on UK TV and stated it only goes back on when Zimbabwe's 'Mu-garbage' is removed from power) has indeed tackled the GAFFE-con power shism:

I guess this is the first church in Africa to follow up on GAFFE-con by declaring division, exclusion, and hate. Probably not the last.

Anonymous said...

I guess some phrasemonger will christen what that church is doing as "Holy Hate". Hmm

Anonymous said...


I suppose I should say something, since I was referenced twice in your posting.

Did you see today's comment by the Archbishop of Canterbury?

A few of his comments:

"Who would Jesus be with? He is going to be with those who feel the waterlessness of their position....

"He will be with those in a very different part of the landscape who feel that things are closing in, that their position is under threat, that their liberties are being taken away by those anxious and eager to
enforce their ideologies in the name of Christ...

"He will be with the gay clergy who wonder what
their future is in a Church so anxious and tormented about this issue."

Oh, also, I have just heard today that there is an Anglican bishop in Uganda who supports the rights of gays and lesbians (I don't have his name at the moment, but I will try to find it...)

Let me ask you a crucial question, gug: Why is it that the overwhelmingly vast majority of Christians who publicly hate gays (90% at least) are from Africa? All the Africans I happen to know personally are wonderful, loving, open, generous people -- not like these drama-queen hate-spouting archbishops.

Why does all that other hatred now come from Africa? Is it something in the soil or the water that breeds gay-hate? Is it the climate? Is it history? Is it merely anti-colonialism (despising the Westerners who once despised the Africans)?

From my studies, I know of dozens of instances in ancient African tribal history in which homosexuals were not only accepted, but even honored. I think it must have been the filthy evangelical fundamentalist missionaries who ruined the beautiful Africans! Don't be sucked into that hatred, dear friend. They no more represent Christianity as a whole than Hitler represented Europeans as a whole.

And please do not apologize to me for dumping on these so-called Christian loud-mouth haters! They deserve every curse you put on them. All I ask is that you don't tar ALL Christians with the same brush! Most of us will line up on your side!

gayuganda said...

Yeah Spiralx.
Sentamu, we still consider him a Ugandan! quite dramatic and a Williams loyalist. And he seems to also be treading softly around Akinola and Orombi.

Tetue, yes, we are likely to hear more about that.

Bolton, yeah. Just always remembering that you are looking over my shoulder when i write about the church.
Williams seems kind of bewildered by the personal animosity that is coming from the antigay Anglicans. It seems as if he is being blamed for the issue himself! Maybe the fact that it is powerplay and he is the guy at the top would explain their animosity. He doesnt need to take them on. He just needs to make Sentamu of York to take them on. And that he has started... or at least I hope he has. Sentamu is an African, and he is loudmouthed enough in love to counterbalance the Akinolas and Orombis

Yeah, I am trying not to be sucked into the hate. It is like a reaction, on my part, asking myself, why the hell are people taking it to hate me, when i have done them nothing. Well, it is better understood as power play.

The Ugandan Bishop is Ssenyonjo.
To give him his full title, Bishop Emeritus Dr Ssenyonjo, retired Bishop of Western Buganda diocese.

He was the only African bishop at Lambeth 2 to speak out for gay people. For his courageous stand, he was punished by the Church of Uganda. I dont know the details, but apparently excommunication entered into the words. But I know that the elderly gentleman's pension was stopped. Dont know whether it has been reinstated.

Apparently he is going to Lambeth, has confirmed. He it is I should remember as a person courageous enough to speak up for gay people within the Church of Uganda

I am posting the article in the paper here about that.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising really.. the homophobes are on the war-path...again. (yawn). But its not a uniquely 'African' thing - even in the West religious fundamentalists go a bit frothy at the mouth when talking about homosexuality.

Whatever *shrugs*. I'm not Anglican.

gayuganda said...


your enthusiasm is underwhelming!

Of course you are not as gay as I am, or is it homosexual?

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