Sunday, July 20, 2008


Scars are a beauty mark, warrior

each a history holds;

tales for cold nights

when, together we lie, talk

satiated, reminiscing;

of the many times life would have

robbed me of you love-

been incomplete for me.

But crazy gods were merciful;

you still live, and I lie

content, your warmth with me

your breath bathing my face.

How will I not

praise the scars I trace in

the leaping flames of the night

when, spared you were

to lie close to me now?

How can I not my fingertips

on those scars run, that marked but

saved you for me?

©GayUganda 19 Jul 08


Leonard said... they ever fadeaway?

gayuganda said...

No, they dont.

Ever there, that's why we should, take strength from them. Celebrate them, rather than mourn them.

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