Friday, July 4, 2008

Being Gay is UnAfrican.

Hi DeT, this is what I was talking about. And, girl, if you protest anymore, I will do you a personal injury. Inspite of all the laughs you have given me today.


Uganda Primate says Barack Obama is ‘unAfrican’ Friday, 4th July 2008. 3:44pmBy: George Conger.Jerusalem: US Presidential hopeful Barak Obama is un-African, the primate of Uganda said, and advocates moral positions at odds with the religious and cultural values of the continent.
Speaking in response to statements made by the candidate’s wife last week that posited a moral equivalency between the push for gay marriage and the civil rights movement, Archbishop Henry Orombi said: “It is distressing that Barack Obama, a fellow African, would promote racial civil rights as morally equivalent to immoral civil behaviour.”

Here I am, un-Ugandan, since I am gay. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Errr, Barack, Dont worry. I am also un-African. But good luck in your presidential run!


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DeTamble said...

Why do think I don't know what you're talking about? Just cause I protest you think I don't understand? You know, [CENSORED], it is possible to understand AND protest all at once :P

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